Australia bound- w000tz!!

p1280118Day 1: Tuesday, Jan 27, 2009 12pm, head on over to the Miami Intl Airport.

Was lucky to find out that the standard 2 checked luggage weight was not 50lbs per with $100 for excess as the lady on the phone told me. It was actually, 70lbs per, with $92 for excess. W00tz!!

I leave to LA, long and bumpy flight.. argghhh.

Arrive in LA, didn’t realize after 30 mins, that I was supposed to physically leave the terminal I arrived in and walk outside and into another one down the road…blahhh. I get there, and its ASIAN CENTRAL..It was really weird.. I felt like I walked into another world.

Now, I’m waiting at the gate for my flight to Fiji. I look around me, and everyone is white. So I think, hmm they’re all New Zealanders and Australians. I can’t help but stare. These are the people I will be living with for the next 2 years of my life. I see one guy with dreadlocks and I’m amazed. LOL.

I get on the flight. A 747..this thing is HUUGE. 2 floors.. 3 aisles.. Never been on one like that before.

I get a built in tv to watch, and eat all the time. Those Fijians love to feed u. I swear. I think the whole time I was in Fiji, I probably had 3 breakfasts, and several snacks, and I was only there for 5 hrs. Oh, and btw..don’t ever order sausage and bacon in Fiji.. yuckkkk.
Fiji Food

Ok, back on the plane to Brisbane, yayyy. After some more sleepinz, I finally arrive.

It’s HOT! Lol. I head over to customs, and chat up the local employees on taxi’s and currency exchange. Everyone is soo nice. Poor gullible American. 😀 I ask a nice guy at the heavy baggage dept to help me load my four duffle bags onto 2 carts and push em through the exitway…He asks me if someone will be picking me up and I sigh, no, I’m going to need to get a large taxi (maxi taxi), and then I see to my left, 2 ppl holding QUT signs..I think wait a tick!! I ask them, are you waiting for a Kimberly Hall?? Looks over his list, yes, let’s go. 😀 WOW. I had completely forgotten I signed up for airport reception. HAH! I thank the kind man and head on over to the van that will take me to my new home. There are also 2 Canadian Girls getting picked up, they seem nice at first, but later I noticed a tad of snootiness. :-\

I arrive and meet my new roomie Tegan McCarthy: Gemini, 18 yrs old. She attempts to help with the luggage, but considering shes about 90lbs, I advise her not to. lol.

My room had a twin bed, sheets, a pillow, a hotel bathrobe (their mom gets em free), some furniture and hardwood floors. Oh and… Air Conditioning and a fan.. let’s not forget that!! She offers to walk me to the PC lab, and after that I head home for a night of sweating and unpacking.



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