February 5th – 1 week anniversary!!

8am-12pm: Pc lab typing up this blog. lol Talking to mom and dad via IM. Now heading out to run errands.

12pm-7:30pm: Went to the Brisbane Museum, Art Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art. So I get there and think oh wow, what a great place to take pictures, but my battery is dead…Hmmm, Maybe if I ask the info desk to let me use their outlet and I can wait in the gift shop.. sweet. So I ask them, and of course the sweet old ladies oblige..I pull out my battery charger, and my camera.. and my….my… NO!!!!!! I left the US adapter at home. 😦 I spent the whole day with NO CAMERA!!! lol..This would only happen to me. lol But that gives me an excuse to go back again. 😛

I enjoyed myself tremendously..especially the art gallery and museum of modern art. Then the brisbane public library is right there, so I signed up for a library card. There is also this exhibition called GAME ON, presented by my school QUT. Apparently you can play all the video games throughout history..But you have to pay. BLAHHH.. I thought of Erick.. lol He’d love it there! 😛

Anywayz, Back to King George Square where I perused Target to see if I could find an area rug. Do australians not buy these things??? closest thing I could find there was a dangdit bath mat. NOO< I WANT AN AREA RUG! 😦

So I bought some more art supplies since my mother said she couldnt find my box of paint at home to ship to me. I walked and walked and walked.. and man I feel like my Feet are going to fall out.

BTW: Another elevator on campus, close to the bus stop says its run by “Schindler Lifts”. lol.. Uh,,,hmm.. No comment.

NEW PAINTING:Painting squares


One response to “February 5th – 1 week anniversary!!

  1. LOL you’re right only you could forget to either charge the battery or bring the adapter. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun I’m jealous. Don’t do too much walking around the city though till you get some good sneakers or your feet will fall off lol.


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