February 6-8th: Sunday Drag


1) Waited all week for the farmers market on Saturday, to buy heritage tomatoes. NO HERITAGE TOMATOES. Grrr.

2) Learned that Bell Peppers are CAPSICUMs, and Bok-Choy is Silverbeet. Hmmm..

3) The drought in Brisbane has changed the habits of a whole generation. People tend not to rinse dishes after soaping them up, so as to save on water. WEIRD!!! I will be rinsing, thank  you very much.

4) Conversations always end in “hey”, or “but”. I wonder… Hey what?? But what?? finish what your saying mannnn!

5) I’ve learned how to say burger in Australian… “I could really go for uh Buhrrgahhh!”

6) Had reallllly bad allergies yesterday. Stayed in all day. 😦

7) Bought a new charger for my cell phone from Victoria. Hopefully it arrives before the US one does from Hong Kong. UGHH.

8) I’ve reached my monthly quota of internet usage. 5mb. ughhh… Why can’t they be like the US in this aspect.. charge by the speed, not the usage. GRRR.


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