Monday: Feb 9th, 2009

The Victoria Fires: I heard on the news this morning that they were deliberatly started by some arsonist. Currently there are 30 fires blazing. It has already taken the lives of numerous animals and 108 ppl. I’m in a different state, so I’m fine. Don’t worry. But it’s sad. 😦


My allergies are kickin up again.. UGHH.


Naked Wedding on the 13th: They have been announcing on the radio alot lately about a $40,000 naked wedding that will take place here in the city. The radio station is giving out free tickets for listeners to attend, and giving away wedding gifts like: dishware, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.. It’s the oddest thing. Why is this a big deal? Why do ppl call in to get a ticket to this naked wedding? I don’t get it.


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