Tuesday, Feb 10th, 2009: “Hey ya goin?”

Hey ya goin? I’m not quite sure if theyre saying “how” with a strong accent, or if theyre saying “Hey”, but either way, where’s the ” ‘s” ? lol

Ta: Thank you  &   No Worries: No problem (always said one after the other when paying for your groceries through the checkout for some odd reason.)

Bush Fires: Death total has reached over 174 now. It’s become the worst Australian natural tragedy EVER. It’s really sad. So far, they’ve raised over $12 million AU dollars in the effort to help the towns and families. 2 people are suspects as the arsonists, either deliberately, or by accident. Not sure yet. Very sad.

Well after some discussions and meetings, I’ve realized:

1) With my student work visa (20hrs a week only), I can only start work after school starts on FEB 23rd. Did not know that. 😦

2) I have enough money for rent and food to last me til mid to late march. Considering I can only start work on the 23rd. This is not good.

3) It’s kind of hard to put my application out there when they want my school timetable (Schedule), and I won’t get it til the 16th. Hmm.. lol

4) Everytime I tried to get someone to help me figure out my schedule beforehand, I get the runaround and told to wait for orientation on the 16th. LOL. Sigh..Thing will fall into place.

Australia? or Japan?: Now that students are showin up close to school starting, this ghost town is getting pretty busy. And I look around and think.. hmm.. Am I in Australia? or Japan?? No offense. I’m not racist. I just thought it was interesting. Everywhere I look, I see Asian people. And if they’re not Asian, they’re Indian, or Pacific Islander. I see lil petite Japense girls with sun umbrellas in lil anime skirts and outfits and I think… hahaha this is nuts. That’s all. 😀

Last night: I truly enjoyed my new home and took advantage of being alone. I turned up the radio, ate some sorbet, and hung out in front of the snowy television last night. I woke up at around 3am to find the tv station was posting local weather around the world and playing a cd over and over. I loved it. Laura Fygi “Rendez-vous” French version of songbook songs. Classic. 😀

PS- Naked Wedding: So this morning, radio dj’s are talkin bout how they’re paying for the bachelor party, the groomsmen suits, etc.. the whole shindig…and then mention the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, so they offer her something new… they take her to a roof and ask her to look down into the parking lot…In the parking lot she sees a car with balloons all around it, the license plate says her name “ELLIE” and the window says congrats on it.. and she starts screaming “OMG, Mom I got a new car!!” then the dj’s say yes, you got a brand new…Bread maker, and then pull it out of the car. She starts crying. lol I’m like, WTF!! I’d be pissssed. Turns out they dressed up one of the dj’s cars for the surprise. They didn’t check with anyone beforehand to see really how mean it would be. Sigh…. lol But, an interesting listen nonetheless.

Pix of them: http://images.b105.com.au/2009/01/20/111939/600×400-LCS-PhillEllie10-600×400.jpg



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