Wednesday, Feb 11th: Cheers!

How ya goin?? ( I was corrected yesterday)

Store desperate to get rid of Crocs: I saw the most hilarious commercial the other day. They show pairs of Crocs, and say, theyre ugly, really ugly. You look ugly wearing em. But theyre only $3.90. Who cares. Your whole family can be ugly together. Why not. For only $3.90, who cares. Be ugly. Buy these shoes for $3.90. LOL

Note to self: 2 out of every 3 women do not wash their hands after peeing. So, use antibacterial lotion, or avoid touching people at all times. EWWWW. ONCE again, while i was in the stall I heard someone finish up and not wash their hands.. wtf is wrong with these people. You can get realllllly sick that way. YUCK!



Toilets: All toilets have 2 options in Australia. Flush & Super Flush. lol There are 2 buttons on top, 1 half colored circle, and one fully colored circle. I’ve play edaround with these buttons, and I think the flush (half) works where itll flush for as long as u hold it down, but normally one push is enough to get the pee out… Now, if your dropping a heavy duty, thats where the super flush (full) comes into play, no need to hold, just one push. 😀 As for which way the water goes, I have no clue.. It jets straight in from the front to the hole in the bottom, so I dont see the water going in any direction but down. Sorry! lol

ORRRRR: the toilet will have a short line button or a long line button, u get the picture. Also, if ur in an older bathroom, then theres the  single I like to call “Car lock button” that u push down and it does the general flushng, no matter what u leave. 😀

The older student: I forget that I’m going BACK TO SCHOOL, and that almost everyone around me, except for a selected few, are fresh out of highschool, or in their verrry early 20’s. I saw a pair of kids today, and thought, hmm, theyr’e not wearing the aussie primary school uniform i’ve seen (blue skirt, high socks, blue shirt, and navy blue aussie hat), then it hit me… theyre freshman. AWWWWWW. hehehe Backpack and all. Speaking of which, I’m gonna need a backpack. This gold purse has had enough.. lol

Tea??: everyone here drinks hot tea. Tea in the morning, tea for snack, teat at tea time, tea at lunch, tea at dinner…Ok yes, this is common in England I’m sure.. But I’ve never been in such a tea drinking environment. I feel like a whiny kid for saying no thanks. lol But HOTTEA isn’t an inviting drink at all hours of the day for me, expecially when its 80 degrees IN DOORS!!! 😦

Sweet Chili Sauce: It’s everywhere…but where’s just the hot sauce? Huh? Why does it have to be sweet? Wheres the Louisiana hotwing sauce? Where’s my hot stuff?? Why is it sweet?? Why??? No!!!! 😦

Victorian Bush Fires: Death Toll= 181, Money Raised: $30Million


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