Thursday, Feb 12th, 2009 “2 weeks W000tz”

I got a swollen nostril this morning. 😦 I think a gnarly spider got me last night. 😦 Oh noez!!
Silly Me

I purchased 1gb so I can upload some pix.


Where I first discovered Australia doesn’t use Mustard or Oil & Vinegar at SUBWAY. 😦

Sky View from plane.

How people get around Brisbane. Just Kidding. lol

Kangaroos 2

Closest I got to any Kangaroos so far. 😦

Bird Eating
I love this bird. I see em everywhere. Here, this guy is eating some Hungry Jacks aka Burger King.

Erick warned me about the spiders in Australia. Yikes!!

Some pretty berries outside my house.

A flower in our backyard. 😀

I think this is a Cookaburra.. pronounced “Cookburra” So i’ve been told. lol
I have been corrected, this is a MAGPIE, aka “Maggie” hehehe.

Z block Elevator, next to PC Lab: I guess I had forgotten to mention before, but this elevator is awesome!! When you get in and the doors close, it plays the theme song to Mission Impossible!! LOL

Some random school pix:
A Block
Block A

Our Kitchen, before it was cleaned. Sorry.

Partial Livingroom
Partial Livingroom. Amy loves James Dean!

My Art studio aka Sun room aka diningroom
My Art studio aka Sun room aka diningroom

Fiji Artwork
Some of the Native Craftsmanship in Fiji. LOL


2 responses to “Thursday, Feb 12th, 2009 “2 weeks W000tz”

  1. Yay a new Kimi pic and… wait a minute are you… omg you are… you’re wearing earrings 😮

    I like the kitchen shit looks pretty hot and aren’t you lucky you get you’re own art room.


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