Friday, Feb 13th: Oooohhh Scarrrryyy!!!

1) A friend of mine at the QUT Student Guild Bar is going to let me hang my paintings on the walls of the bar with FOR SALE signs on em today. 😀 W000tz! Wish me luck in this new venture. 😀

2) I was bit by a mosquito 3 times yesterday! Same mosquito!!  ( Twice on the arm, and once on a finger.) Anddd, I already had on muh noze. 😦

3) I found some more toilet button options. 😀


The knob

Stainless Steel

I’m a tad paranoid now tho. I’m afraid everytime I see a new toilet flush option and I whip out that camera, someone will be outside of the stall and hear my camera flash and think “What in the world is that girl doing?”. :-\

But I can’t help it. It’s become my new obsession. LOL.

Comments: I appreciate any and all comments on this blog. Please feel free. I will now post the most recent ones I recieved via Facebook, for your viewing pleasure. 😀


Linda Blake wrote at 11:03pm
Love your blog…especially the toilet exposé! Thanks for sharing.
Lynne McCarthy wrote at 9:14am
Forgot to mention – mind how you go rinsing plates!! Excess water usage costs a fortune. Australia is supposedly the driest continent on the planet so we may seem odd to other nationalities but water is the main resource we have to conserve. Many people even shower with a bucket at their feet to catch the overflow and use it to water the garden. Your observations are quite right though – we do things differently in Aus. Oh, what is an area rug?? I have never heard this term before. And a “heritage” tomato?? I’m curious to know. Viva la difference! Love it…
Mark McCarthy wrote at 10:57am
I have been reading it, the differences between the US and here must be confusing. Some great photo’s there. That bird is a magpie, pronounced magpie, not a Kookaburra. The girls should warn you to watch out for the “maggies” in mating season, they fly down and try to peck your head. You might find the tea drinking is a family thing that the girls have inherited from their mother. mmm sweet chilli sauce. No more being bored, I want to see a whole collection of artworks when we visit.
Beau Nestor wrote at 4:44pm
I read most of the blog – you’re right, it’s pretty bloody funny! The black and white bird you mentioned in there- you’ve probably heard a million times now, but it’s a Magpie. They swoop in Spring.

 4) Went to CHERMSIDE today and bought some more art supplies. Primed canvas, and 2 framed canvas. But needed wood for frames.

5) Rained allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll “bloody” day!! Ughhh… And all Tegan and I had were “shit umbrellas”. 😦 AKA the kind where only 3 spokes work and the others have gone to crap and flipped upside down. Yea.. those. BUT, it was really nice and cool today because of it. About 70 degrees (F) and windy. 😀

6) Tegan mentioned that on a nearby block someone had put a pile of free wood out for taking..So I started my search. Walked 3 blocks and finally found them less than 3 houses away from where I live. 😦 They were all too thick and wet and grimy, but I picked the smallest ones I could find, and once they dry hopefully I can cut them into strips and use them for a frame.

7) While we were away the AU Post attempted to deliver my US CARE PACKAGE from MUM!!!! W000tz! I had to go pick it up from the Post Office. I was soo excited. When I got home with it, I was somewhat let down, amused and then really delighted.  8) I’ll explain, lol: I asked for shorts and blouses.. I got a bunch of clothes I set aside before I left, some long dress pants, some cotton shirts, a couple of blouses and 1 jean short and 1 jean skirt. 😦 Then I find a bottle of Lawry’s Seasoning Salt and a can of Bush’s Black Beans!! SCORE!!!! 😀 Then finally, tucked awayinside my shoes were 4 personal fans and a mister.. W000000tz!!!!! So happy bout the fans and the seasoning salt. lol THANKS MOM!!!

 8 ) I got my phone to start working yesterday and bought a new Sim card for $30.. and then within 24hrs, ran out of money. 😦 Had to recharge it for another $15. I got phone happy. 😦


3 responses to “Friday, Feb 13th: Oooohhh Scarrrryyy!!!

  1. w00t make that money son. LOL wtf with all the toilet options they need a brochure for foreigners its like the 3 seashells from Demolition Man lolz. How did you let the same mosquito bite you 3 damn times lol.


  2. The McCarthy’s notes about conserving water reminds me of the time I went into a mens room but couldn’t go because there were guys to either side of me. So I pretended I went then zipped up and was about to wash my hands and leave when some guy actually chastised me about not flushing.

    I could have explained I couldn’t really go and I just PRETENDED but that would have been too weird, right? So, I just took it. I rolled my eyes, flushed the non-existent pee, washed my hands and left.

    My very own Seinfeld moment.


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