Friday, February 20th, 2009: NOT…20th, February 2009!

Today I decided is: LAUNDRY DAY!!!

I sweated in the hot sun for a free orientation bag which contained a free diary aka daily planner. lol (I feel weird calling it my diary. As if I’d really have one. blahh)
Anyway, now I’m in the pc lab in the library cooling off. 😀

Tomorrow AC’s boyfriend Mitch will be celebrating his birthday at our house. YAY!!! Party!! Although…which brings me to my next subject…

Themed Parties: What is it with Australians and their themed parties? or Australian Uni Students and their themed parties? or Drama students period and their themed parties?? lol The party tomorrow is Cowboys & Indians. 😛 I thought I’d show up as myself and walk around all night complaining about being offended by the blatant stereotype of indians and claim its called “Native Americans” and boycott the costumed theme. LOL But then I thought, nahhh, poor Mitch. lol So I’m gonna don a feathered headpiece, and wear some simple dress.. Voila!! I’m an Indian. hehehe. PS: I’m not native american, just thought it would be funny, cuz I’m sure they’d all believe it. hehehe

Barbecue “Aussie Style”: Sunday evening my friend “MATT the BUTCHAH” has invited me over to a traditional Aussie Barbecue dindin. Yayyyz!! 😀

Allergy Update: My eye has practically fallen out! lol. Kidding, but my allergies are insane!! I bought some antihistamine eyedrops and have been dousing my eye as well with maximum strength Visine.. so hopefully in a day or 2, I should be good as new. Hopefully!


2 responses to “Friday, February 20th, 2009: NOT…20th, February 2009!

  1. Yea I know dad, but without genealogical written proof.. It’s not worth mentioning if I can’t get paid for it. lol


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