Sunday, February 22nd, 2009: The Highlights!!

Mitch’s Cowboy & Indian Themed 21st Birthday Party:

Since I was the only sober person there, I will give the highlights of the evening.

1) Very very messy. PS: Someone mysteriously spilled a whole drink all over Mitch’s Macbook. 😦 And didn’t fess up to it.

2) 2 people who “shall remain nameless” decided to have a debauchered version of Cowboys & Cowboys in the bathroom, while people waited in line outside. lol HILARIOUS & FOUL!

3) I was thoroughly bored the first few hours. Mehh, but later danced, and it was cool. πŸ˜€

4) More Cowboys and Saloon Waitresses attended than Indians. 😦

5) The indians were very cool, vs. the layered, hats, plaid tops, jeans, boots, and leather the cowboys wore. HAHA, sweeet!

6) About 40 ppl were there last night.

7) Tegan and AC were very happy dancing to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just wanna have fun” while everyone booed them and changed the music SEVERAL TIMES. lol

8 ) Mitch ran around all night attacking ppl with his plastic tomahawk, and then jumping in their laps or picking them up.

9) Chocolate yummy birthday cake. MMM. πŸ˜€

10) Cups, beer, bottles, paper plates, balloons, confetti, EVERYWHERE!!! PS: Plastic Guns, Cowboy Hats, Sheriff Badges, a nylon stocking and a condom?!?! lol

11) I stayed in my room alot. Too bored. There were some ppl that were rude to me and made me feel like not being there for a while, then I got over it. πŸ˜›

12) Party ended around midnight. decent hour.

13) 5 people spent the night.

14) By 9am this morning, the house looked clean. Good as New. W0000t!!
AC, Tegan, TomACTom & TeganMEEE as an IndianTom in the Fridgethe morning after!! lol

Australian BBQ: Is cancelled. 😦 I’m bummed. Now what do I do today??? Oh well my Butchah Pal.

Matt & Darren at the Chop Shop

QUT Update: I was assigned the Casual position as a notetaker for one of my classes. I get paid $12hr to take notes in this class and since they have to be typed, I can claim double hours. W0000tz!!

Themed Parties: My friend Rae who works at the local boutique next door to Woolworth’s “Woolley’s” also attended a themed party “Old Skool”. Apparently they would dress up in highschool uniforms, etc… Don’t get it! lol.

Laundry Day Update: Yeahhh, uhmmm, apparently you’re not supposed to gloat about hanging your clothes to dry in the sun, because mother nature will fuck with you and make it rain for 3 days straight.. Yeaahhh. 😦 lol


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