First day of Uni “Monday, February 23rd, 2009!!!!

QUT Shuttle Bus: They rock!!! No more sweating up and down the hill. 😀 Yayyyy for shuttle buses!

Dodo Wireless Mobile Broadband: W000tz!! My USB Dongle came in the mail today, I can get internet wherever I can stick this usb into now. Yayyy! Now I just need my lappy. lol

Free Din Din Tonight: Tegan is cooking Dinner tonight. Yayyyy! 😀 lol

Run through on 1st day of school: I walked up the hill to my first class at F block “Creative Industries: People & Practices” mehhh, kinda boring, but I had already read the assignment and was versed in wtf he was babbling bout. lol Future reference, bring the MP3 recorder to this class. lol He doesn’t wait for you to write stuff down before changing to the next slide on the powerpoint presentation. Grrr. Then I walked home and waited for the delivery man for my USB. It was a nice breezy morning at that time, SUNNY, yet breezy.. Very nice. Then it arrived and I left (1.5hrs early) to my next class. I waited for the Shuttle bus and decided to take the bus for the whole loop to learn it since I had time. Well I opted not to once I was on it, and got off at the last stop which was my stop, K block. Or was it? 😦 I was supposed to get off at H block, the 2nd stop after I got on. lol So I waited 20 minutes for the driver to come back. He was glad to see me. 😀 Said he gets bored, since the shuttle is new and noone gets on it. Yayyyz, so a special trip for me back to H block. So now I’m there, early… and there’s a Food health Class going on, so I wait outside. I head to the bathroom and saw another gem of a toilet button. 😀 But opted NOT to take the picture. Figured I have time. lol I can do it another day. So then I meet “Adam” a cool, 30yr old, sound techie. We talked for a while and then class started. I took lots of COPIOUS NOTES! lol. I’m hoping I get hired for more than just 1 notetaking unit. So I can get PIZAYYED!!! After class I saw through the farrrr glass doors, the blue, white, and grey shuttle bus. 😀 so I booked it and caught him before he left the parking lot. “Hey there again old friend!” lol He laughed and then took me on a special trip to Musk Ave (Woolworths is there). I bought a bottle of water, was sooo thirsty, then visited my pals the Butchas!! We proceeded in some “in the gutter” meat talk, or rather, they talked meat, and I giggled ALOT! lol I had asked some questions bout making a sausage and pepper pasta, and thought I might use minced meat instead… when I heard “Nahhh, you need sausage!” I replied “That may be true, but that’s my business not yours”. lol Then I hauled ass to the PC lab, where I am now.. sharing my news.. 😀

Printing: I can’t wait til my laptop gets here (1week), then once that happens, I can finally start printing forms, etc.. from home. I have avoided printing a darned thing since I got here, so as to not have to pay $0.10 a page. WTF! Aside from that. I’d have to fork over a $2 printing fee for the year. 1 page and I’m out $2.10… eff thatt!!! lol


3 responses to “First day of Uni “Monday, February 23rd, 2009!!!!

  1. Well I am very happy to see that everything is going decently well for you. With the exception of the eye torment and the whole getting aquainted with your surroundings. I have been keeping track of everything you have posted, keep it up. Sounds like your persevering over there. I miss you, hope to see you again one day… Lol

    Love always,



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