Day ??: Feb 26th, 2009: thinking of someone from my past. :(

Internetz: My usb dongle has been activated, and I am at home using my roomate “Tegans” PC. Its 916am and I don’t have clas til 11am. And it normally runs from 11-1pm, but being it’s first week, I’ll probably be done after 1 hr. Boring again. lol Although, tonight I cook dinner, so it gives me something to do tonight. Mehhh.

–Hours later, pissed, hungry, irritated, and nauseaus… yea.. lol 2:32pm–

0 for 2, Kimi did it again: Yayyyy! Went to class and what do ya know….no class this week! W000tz! 😦 (my sarcasm abounds)

Student Guild Day (or something): There were a bunch of tents out on the campus grounds today. In the blazing sun mind you. Student Guild clubs, associations, redbull, dell, Apple, etc..everyone was there. So I perused around, signed up for PostDatum (The Visual Arts Club), and gathered all the free gifts I could get my hands on. And thennnn, I get to the Dell Booth. Ahhhh the Dell Booth.

Trecherous assholes. lol

They tell me that the winner of todays video game wins a free laptop. Free Laptop??? Free anything??? I’m in!! So i wait, and wait, and waiiiiiiiiiiit. “The internet is down. Should be up shortly. You have a pretty good chance of winning so far. We have 2 hrs left before we leave, and if your the only person who plays, then you win!” Yayyy I thought. So I wait. 😦 Finally they give up on the original game and go for a Space Invaders game. I play 1st and get a score of 9,240. W0000tz!! Then 2 others play.. and one of them gets a 15,420. :O Whatever! So he wins a free video game. Eff that! I want a laptop, so I wait. They finally get the other game up and say ok you can play this one now, and the highest score all day wins the laptop. Ok, so I watch 2-3 other girls play first. It uses a video camera to record your movement, so it’s really hard to play and get a high score. Finally I think I’m ok. So I sit down. I ask to play the center laptop, being that it had good lighting. And the guy says “no, this one on the far right is the best I think”. I take his word for it and start playing.. I’m doing pretty well, and then at the end, it starts acting weirdo on me and not recording any of my hand movements. I start gettin pissed off and say, “Heyy, I told you this one sucked!”. I finish with a score of 127! The highest score was 129!! I was so upset. So the guy tells me to wait, he said I might win this round and get a free video game. I’m agitated, cuz who cares about an effin video game if you don’t have the lappy to use it on. They don’t care. So another girl uses the EXACT SAME PC I DID, and gets a 245!!  😦 Grrrrrrrrrrr. I storm off. I waited 1 hr and 30 mins in the heat, for nothing. Ughhh.(Yes, I was a sore loser. I don’t care. lol)

Hot, hungry, annoyed: So yea, I left the house today for the first time with NO BREAKFAST! Unless you count 3-4 generic tim tams, brekky.

I’m soo hungry!  😦 So I’m gonna head home now and cook din din. Mehhh. I feel sick. Too much sun, water, and lollies.

Ebay GoodNews: Just read that a few of my items sold! W00000tz!! Moniez!!!!! Not much, but hey. IZ GOOD!


2 responses to “Day ??: Feb 26th, 2009: thinking of someone from my past. :(

  1. no tim tams are not breakfast lol. Sorry about the video game thing sounds frustrating. Yay for selling shit on egay though.


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