Friday, Feb 27th, 2009

Late but did not miss it!: I arrived to class 45 mins late, but hey..I made a killer impression with my insight and participation. Score!,

Possums at night: As I was passing by some trees on the way home I was startled by the terrifying howling of squirrels and monkeys in the midst of battle! ehh, Ok, not true. But damn did it sound like it. Scared the hell outta me. I’ve seen one lone possum in a tree once and another walking the telephone wire. But to HEAR THEM IS A DIFF STORY. Insane!!

Jasmine in the air: Every morning and everynight I walk past the sweet smelling corner 2 blocks away from my house. Lovely, lovely Jasmine in the air. Yummmmz. Cept, right before it on the way home, or right after it on the way to school, I have to walk past the Indian restaurant. Ok listen. The problem is, their trash sits in the hot sun alllllllllllllllll day. And it seriously smells like a bag of rotten tomatoes in a rotten dirty diaper. 😦 But I wonder, it must seriously be worth it. lol I look forward to that Jasmine smells every moment I get a chance. It is soooooooooooo yummmz. lol But man do those trash bins smell like hell. yuck!!

Kung Fu Panda: I finally got Tegan’s PC to play my movies, and tonight have watched Boys Dont Cry (SADZ), and now Kung Fu Panda. Hiiiiiiiilarious!! lol Fat, pudgy, lil panda. Teehee.

Class: Ok so I arrived late to class today, but like I said earlier, I spoke and did well I think. I reallly enjoyed it. After discussing it with my fellow classmate Dion, I came to realize how much I think I’ll learn from this school. I am so very glad I’ve moved here and am attending this University. Really glad. 😀


4 responses to “Friday, Feb 27th, 2009

  1. I am glad that you liked Kung Fu Panda!!!!
    MVA Monsters vs Aliens Releases this month go see it in 3D totally flippin sweet!!!!

    P.S. Love reading this, it is great!!!

    Love Cali Dude!!!!!


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