Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Sexpo: LOL. 2 people I know just arrived to my house with bags of free gifts from the convention centre’s SEXPO. Lol. Vibrators, cock rings, a signed photo, a calender, and DVD’s and Porn Mags. A plethora of sex delights. lol I was so amused at the non-chalant aspect behind it all. Opening of bags, packages, searching for batteries, etc. It’s a very odd hoot. lol Last day of the exhibition is tomorrow. Hmm. lol. I want free stuff too. Although…I may just stay home. lol

Sick: I havn’t felt very well since last night. A bit of over heating, headache, tummy upset from not eating well. Really odd stuff. I decided to stay in today. But I think it’s only prolonged it. Mehh. If my roomie goes out tonight, I will be joining her. So I have that to look forward to. We’ll see.

Grrr about Night out on the town: I just typed a 15 bullet point explanation of my evening, and my usb dongle cutout, and didnt record a thing. I’m too irritated to rewrite it now. 😦

Moral of the story: Buy flats, quick! 😦

OK, back. lol

1) Got dressed up, put on my most comfortable heels possible. 😦 Walked to the busstop with Tegan and Samantha. LOL First time for that. Dressed up and going out via BUS!

2) Arrived at a birthday gathering at The Fox Hotel. Met some older people round my age, finally felt a lil normal.

3) When we first arrived, Sam didn’t know where the gathering was, so we started the evening crashing a twins 21st bday and then an engagement party. lol

4) We left from there and WALKED to a large Casino off of Queens Street. Only have to be 18 to do alot of stuff here.

5) We meet up with AC and her friends at the Premier Bar inside and dance for a few hours.

6) AC and Lindsay went on a 10 minute tirade about how they used to be enemies and how one was a russian spy and the other a communist, and wearing red, etc… it was quite lengthy and detailed. Guy had no clue. Hilarious, they kept straight faces. Drama student! lol

7) Afterwards, we split up and headed to Hungry Jacks and then Mackkas. (aka Burger King and McDonalds).

8) From there I thought we were headed home.. HAH! Riiight.. we walked…..:( to a club called The Exchange.

9) By this time, I stopped hiding my pain from walking in heels all night. 😦 I threatened to take my heels off, til someone mentinoed there was broken glass everywhere. 😦

10) I noted that it’s probably a good idea if I’m bored and broke to walk around south bank on a saturday night and look for money. I found several coins. 🙂 Drunks drop lots of money.

11) We stayed in the club for about 30 minutes. They danced and I sat on a stool nearby. Eff that, my feet were killin me.

12)We left to the busstop. I was laggin behind about half a block behind. I felt like a lame gazelle behind the herd. Funny thing, at the top of the hill, it was completely empty except for the random groupings of drunk girls huddling and walking together. lol

13) Bus comes, we go home. Yeayyyy!!


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