Wednesday, March 4th, 2009: HAH!

Lesson learned: I am no longer giving out my number unasked anymore lol. They ask for my blog address, ok here. They ask for my facebook email address, sure, here. But unless I hear, “Can I have your phone number?” I will not give anymore. 😦 The people I gave my number to, don’t call. lol Eff that. Tired of trying to be friendly and gettin shitted on lol.

First Year VS. 2nd Year Students: 😦 I like my new 1st year classmates. So much that when I am separated from them and have to attend 2nd Year classes, I get sadz. lol LOSER yes I know! lol When I finish my 2nd Year class early, I always get to walk in on the 1st Year class. 😀 Teachers are nice here! Although, I’m always off to the side and in the front or the back, so I’m not really participating with them. But I’m there. 🙂


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