Friday, March 6, 2009

Roaches Vs. Cricketts: In NY I was accustomed to seeing roaches on the ground, creeping/lurking behind and around garbage cans late at night.. or the day, depends on the roach. But here, funny.. I see cricketts! Randomly just walking across my path. Now, one would think, a bug is a bug, why are u scared or disgusted by a roach and not a crickett. Thing is, cricketts live in green fields and make music. lol Roaches DONT! lol Case Closed!

Garbage Fire: Someone decided to set fire to the garbage can at the bus stop yesterday (allegedly! Couldve been a ciggy, who knows). Interestingly, I found 3 people hovering around it which left me perplexed. Why are they just standing there. Then it hit me. Australian social responsibility. If they were to just walk away, with these times of bush fires, it would be a detriment against their society. They were staying until someone came to put it out. I felt kind of bad that I had a full bottle of water in my purse, but figured that the fire was too hot to be bothered with my lil water bottle, so I kept walking home. 😦

LENT: Today I am eating chicken schnitzels aka Breaded chicken or kinda like Chicken Parm, without the parm. lol I guess. I figure it’s ok. Better than red meat. And I can’t afford fish. 🙂 Mmmm, Grilled Chicken Burger marinated in Cajun dressing with Aioli sauce and chips (fries) on the side.. w000tz!

PAY: My boss is being extremely lazy about sending me my last paycheck. I really need the money. Its my vacation pay and my commissions and bonus/contest pay. 😦 I’m not sure how many times I need to call him to remind him to get it out to me. I’m close to just contacting a government program to get it for me. 😦 Hope I don’t have to. I like him.

Vowels in Australia: Everyone here likes to shorten names for things/people. Kim-o, Brekk-y (Breakfast), Arv-o (Afternoon), etc… It’s cute and sort of predictable. 😀


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