Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Tick: Australians say tick, instead of check. Tick tick tick, instead of check check check. lol Tick the box, tick your name… lol Figure it out!

Taking Notes with a laptop: This morning (9am) I attended an Academic Workshop (well, still am, on lunch break), and the F Block Lecture Theatre of around 1,500 seats were prety much filled with a bunch of education and business students.. etc..I think I saw 1 other Creative Industries student there. lol Anyway, I digress; the room was silent except for the lecturer speaking, and my clickety clacking away on my laptop taking notes. Even tho she’d say that all the slides would be online afterwards, I kept pluggin away. There was one girl in the row in front of me who kept turning around, beaming glaring eyes at me everytime I disturbed her thought process. Hilarious. After our first break, she moved to a row closer to the lecturer to get away from me. LOL. People kept looking around at me as I was the only one making audible noise, which was accepted by staff, but not these pretentious students. 😀 I’m happy with my notes, and will be all the smarter to have them already filed away for future reference on my lappy and not have to go home and rewrite them. Blahhhhh 😀

Safety Lesson: A clean room is a safe room. 😦 I got up from my bed, in the dark, and fell flat on my face. 😦 My knee hurts now. I had just yelled out a quote from Tupac’s “Wonder if Heaven’s Got a Ghetto” and got up and went str8 down, THUD! Although, good to know my roomate immediately asked if I was ok on the other side of the door. And of course, I replied, “Yep, I’m fine.” 😦 Idiot! UPDATE: My knee is now black and blue. 😦

Toilet Expose: I think I’ve given up on it. I mean, I’ve seen about 4 new toilet flush options and have not taken any photos. What does that mean? Have I really gotten bored of it? Am I used to it? Have I settled into Australian society completely?? Nahhh, can’t be. Anytime I hear the words “thongs” (flip-flops), or “Aural” (Vocal), I giggle. But the toilet thing.. Hmm.. Maybe I’m lazy. If by the end of next month I still havn’t posted any new pix of them, then that settles it. LOL

QUT Classmates: I mentioned all the super talented classmates I had a few days ago.. you make your own decision…

Here is a small sampling:

seriously, there are tons of other myspace pages, but I can’t remember them all, these stick out the most.

I forgot the most important link of all.. heheh ME! (shameless plug)


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