Sunday – Tuesday, March 10, 2009: I’m exhausted!!!

Sunday “All-You-Can-stuffyourfacewith” Night at the Casino: The roomies’ parents came to town to take Mitch out on his Birthday dinner. Tom cam over and all 6 of them were gonna head out. I was home in PJ’s, hanging about doin nothing when Mr. McCarthy turns to me and asks “Aren’t you going?” I replied” I wasn’t invited!” lol He smiles and says “No, its on me. I say you’re going!” So the night began. 😀 We get to the Casino and sit and proceed to the trough! lol We ate so much we could barely walk afterwards. lol And even then, we stopped for photos along the way to the parking garage. lol


The McCarthy’s: I think they are such great people. Funny, intelligent, and fun. 😀 Mark and I enjoyed talking about The Beatles and Funny Girl (which he had never seen. SHAME!). Lynne was giving, sweet, and also equally funny. I’m glad I was around such a great group of people that night. 😀 (And they thought I was going to blog about them all being crazy… lol. Never!)

“Garage”: They pronounce garage: Geahh-raaj (with emphasis on the Geahh). Every time I hear it, I have to stop and listen. It’s beyond mimicking, or making jokes. It’s amazing! lol

Monday back at Uni: Full day!!! Wow. 😦 I was exhausted. I started the day at 8am taking notes. Again with my lappytop! 😀 Then after raising my hand and asking a question, twice, in front of 500 of my fellow peers, lol, I proceeded to my next class. I’m too tired now to explain what we did there, but basically it involved Musical Improvisation, embarrassment and a reallllly cold room. Brrrr. One final class, went grocery shopping, then went home and had Tegan’s Yummy Thai “Paenang Chicken” Din Din. 😀 After dinner I decided to catch up on my school readings. I had ALOT!! So I broke out the notebook, highlighter and pdf files and began reading and taking ridiculously copious notes. lol

Wheatbix: I will never buy this awful cereal again! LOL. I mixed it in with my muesli and honey clusters and felt ill after the first bite. I managed to eat 3/4 of the bowl, but had to throw the rest out. I did not like the feeling of that cereal so early in the morning. Blahh.

Tuesday’s even worse: A 10am start in my Core Musicianship Aural Tutorial class. lol Oh man….For the first time since I’ve been here, I truly felt academically disenchanted. I was soo sad. I was in the beginners class after 5 years or music theory, I didn’t retain an ounce of information. On top of that, they were referring to the notes in the UK fashion, instead of the Western US. I was like HUH?!?!?!? Crotchets, Quavers, Semi Quavers, etc…..?? What?? What happened to Quarter notes, half notes and eighth notes?? 😦 Teacher said she wants us to know both, and that she teaches the UK version. So now I feel like I have to learn a new language. Blahhhhh. After that embarassing hour, I used the next 3 hours to catch up on more readings and note taking, and after that, I was STARVING!! Someone offered me a muesli bar, very good I might add, and then off to my next class. Took more notes there, left to the store to buy a Music Manuscript aka notation notebook, and ended up at my last class, where I learned how to fiddle around with Ableton Live (Music Software) and after class (6pm) stayed until 8:48pm still working on it. TIRED!!!!!!

Saw that girl again who moved away from me on Sunday at the workshop for typing too loud. LOL She saw me too, we exchanged glances. She may have won the battle, but she knew I won the war. I kept walking. LOL.

Burping: BTW, today was the 3rd or 4th time I’ve burped out loud since I’ve left home! LOL. Someone said it’s probably the food here, less chemicals. Weird. I burped everyday in thestates, change countries and I stop. lol


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