Thursday, March 12th, 2009: Stayed home and worked all day.

Wiki Entry for Creative Industries Class: Draft is due tomorrow, and I spent the whole day working on it. I just finished, and realized…I screwed up. 😦 500 word Max, grrr, specific limitations I did not follow, grrr…ughh.. oh well, at least its a draft thats due…

Kimberly Hall

Kimberly Ann Hall (born June 15th, 1981) is an American R&B/Jazz/Soul singer, actress and painter. Born in Daly City, a suburb of San Francisco in Northern California, she was raised by her mother. In the summer of 1996 Hall made her first local television appearance while performing at a local block party in a disadvantaged community. She attended The San Francisco School of The Arts, and then moved to Manhattan, New York to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in 2000. She studied and lived there for six years, then moved to Miami in 2005. On January 29th, 2009, Hall relocated again to Brisbane, Australia to finish her Bachelor of Music at Queensland University of Technology.


  1. Biography
    1. Early Year
    2. “Ohh So Talented…”
    3. Collaboration with Rapper MIMS
    4. Australia 2009
  2. Musical Style
  3. Album Reviews
  4. Press Release
  5. Film & Acting
  6. Discography
  7. References
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Early Years

Hall was born Kimberly Ann Hall on June 15th, 1981 in Daly City, a suburb of San Francisco, California. She is the daughter and only child of Mariela Daza, an entrepreneur, and Kim Gregory Hall, a retired veteran. Halls’ mother is Colombian and her father is of Irish-African American descent. Her parents separated when she was one and she was subsequently raised by her mother in her formative years in San Francisco, California. She has been singing since about the age of 10, and professionally since she was 13.

“Ohh So Talented…”

Hall writes most of her own work but has consistently sought out collaboration opportunities which led to her demo release “Ohh So Talented..” with friend producers: Dave Meyer, and Benjamin Thompson of DaMo’ Muzik Productions in Redwood City, CA. Working 18 hour days, side by side for thirty days they created three of the key songs on the album “If Only”, “Caught Between Two” and “I Can’t Leave This Alone”. “If Only” reflected Hall’s love for being in love, summer, and Motown Soul. “Caught Between Two” is the tale of falling for two different men ie:”January keeps me cool, but it’s so warm in June”. “I Can’t Leave This Alone” reflects the thoughts that Hall encountered while living alone in New York City.

Collaboration with Rapper MIMS

Hall also collaborated with long-time friend Shawn Mims “MIMS” throughout their early careers, but never anything of substance, as she would say. After months of scheduling differences, they finally were able to collaborate on a rap/hip-hop song he had written where Hall wrote and recorded the chorus to “Amount To Nothin'”, and an R&B Pop Song “So In Love” where they co-wrote the song, Hall performed and MIMS produced the track.

Australia 2009

Hall has just recently agreed to collaborate with the emerging Brisbane based Folk Band, Cascadeer. She also hopes to collaborate with fellow QUT classmates: Production: Dion ClarkAdam Rignall  Musicians: Mason Guild, Alex Tomlins, and Luke Dalton among others.

Musical Style

Major musical influences range from: Billie Holiday, Etta James, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston, The Jackson 5, The Supremes, Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Joss Stone and Barbra Streisand and Fanny Brice among others. Some of her influences are heavily influenced by the Motown Classic Sound and some are modern versions of them.

Album Reviews

  • Joe from A&R Select Reviews “Ohh So Talented…”

These tracks are a set of smart, diverse, well written light pop, r&b, light rock tracks with a slight lounge aspect to them. The tracks all have radio friendly sounds complete with catchy choruses and soulful vocals. These tracks have a wide range of sounds and grooves. The funk aspect is soft but very evident the whole time. All these tracks are laid back and smooth. The drumming keeps the flow going, along with the bass line of course. The keys, and synths add melody and depth the material. The vocals are a perfect fit for the music and come off very sexy and soulful. The guitars float through the background and keep that atmosphere. The album is filled with smart raps and rhythmically up beat tracks as well. The choruses are catchy and stick with you. This album is impressive from multiple aspects. All in all, well written, performed, and tracked. Inventive from beginning to end.

  • Myspace Reviews “Ohh So Talented”

Sultry R&B vocals set upon a jazzy background of live instruments, whirls you into a summer of love, confusion, and happiness. Kimberly’s style of voice is a mixture of Lauryn Hill, Billie Holiday, and Alicia Keys all in one. Kimberly Hall is a very unique artist with a clear future ahead of her.

Press Release

R&B mistress Kimberly Hall signs with A&R Select
HOLLYWOOD, CA – A&R Select, Hollywood’s hottest indie A&R firm, has announced a new member of the team – red hot R&B artist Kimberly Hall.
According to a spokesman for A&R Select “Kimberly Hall sizzles with electricity. Her soulful stylings are without peer and she performs with a singular and focuses passion.” “Music,” Hall offers, “makes me feel alive, like the wind has been knocked out of me and music is the only thing that I can breathe.” She describes the potency of her impassioned singing as something that transcends the mere physicality of breath and vocal chords. Though, “The Soul she sings is an experience of the soul,” A&R Select declares.

Says Hall, “Music fills me with a spiritual energy.” Great music never fails to elicit an emotional response, she continues, whether she’s the singer or listener. “Beautiful music makes me cry.” Every time, she adds.
Following in a grand musical tradition of R&B, Hall’s goal is to move forward with respect for the styles roots but with a new interpretation all her own. “My vision is to create new, exciting and enjoyable music with a vibe of the past.”

A key to her success, Hall believes, is what she has learned from a variety of sources. “I love working with different kinds of people. Every producer, for example, that I have worked with has brought me one step closer to the musical person I am today.”
Artistic boldness and musical trailblazing excite Hall and inspire her to push ahead with her own dreams. “I’m completely inspired by anyone that is daring enough to take a chance to create something new. A fusion of something old and classic with something new has always been successful.”

Hall has performed publicly in a variety of venues. She once received top praise from none other than Christopher Jackson (who played Simba on the Broadway version of “The Lion King”).“ Jackson heard me sing once and pulled me aside and said if I wasn’t on Broadway in a year, he’d be surprised.”

“So would we,’ says A&R Select.

More information is available by visiting

Film & Acting

Hall has made appearances as an extra in “The Whoopi Show: Sticky Fingers” and “Sex & The City: The Cold War Part 1“.

She has also worked as a production assistant on many films such as: Taxi (2004), New York Minute (2004), Fantastic Four (2005), Just My Luck (2006), TV show Law & Order: Trial By Jury (2005), and Tribeca Fim Festival Entry American Express: My Life. My Card. Scorsese on DeNiro (2004) 


  • “Deeply Captivated” – DJ Lance Jordan & Boryka – Blue Nova Studios/ Vibrate Music Records – Single, 2005
  • “If Only” – DaMo’ Muzik Prd. – Single, 2004
  • “Caught Between Two” – DaMo’ Muzik Prd. – Single, 2004
  • “I Can’t Leave This Alone” – DaMo’ Muzik Prd. – Single, 2004
  • “Dancin’ ” – DaMo’ Muzik/Sony Music UK – Single, 2003
  • “So In Love” – Shawn “MIMS” Mims (Unreleased) – Single, 2005
  • “Ohh So Talented…” Demo
    • “So In Love/ Wait A Minute/ I’m Leavin’ ” (Pop R&B/Urban R&B)
      Recorded 2005
      Produced by: MIMS
      Arranged by: Kimberly Hall & MIMS
    • “Amount To Nothin ft/ Kimberly Hall”: (Urban R&B/Hip Hop)
      Recorded with MIMS
      Recorded 2003
      Produced by: MIMS
      Feature Arranged by: Kimberly Hall
    • “So In Love”: (Pop/R&B)
      Recorded 2005
      Produced by: MIMS
      Arranged by: Kimberly Hall
    • “Dancin'”: (Club/Dance Demo)
      Recorded 2001
      Produced by: Damo’ Muzik Productions (Redwood City, California)
      Arranged by: Damo’ Muzik Productions



External Links


  • “My goal is to find someone who sees my musical vision and can help mass produce it to a wider audience, so that the world can enjoy my love and passion for music. My vision is to create new, exciting and enjoyable music with a vibe of the past. Something fresh and new with a hint of summer and love.” – Kimberly Hall
  • “Brace yourself, she got next!” –  Papdolla from Selfmade-Ent, Producer/Songwriter
  • “Kim’s sound & style is jazzy, it’s R&B, it’s disco, it’s a lot of things. I was very impressed with what I heard. I’m definitely gonna be working with her.”- Easy Mo’Bee, Legendary Hip Hop Producer



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