Friday, March 13th, 2009: Friday the 13th again??? lol

Rain: So yea.. last night it poured…uhh, I mean it really rained… buckets.. not normal rain.. like a heavy and unnecessary rain. 😦 And yea, it started up again this morning too. YAYY. Humid weather and rain.. YAYY. 😦
Luckily my roomies left a large umbrella on the porch. πŸ˜€ But yea… Lots of rain……..yea. Lots.

Funky Soul Project: Got together with Dion and Adam after class today to try and punch out some work for my “Computer as an Instrument” Class project…Dion had to leave after 45 minutes (had to go to work), but Adam was kind enough to stay with me for almost 3 hrs. Good thing too. We ended up working on this pretty sick beat. Kind of Funky soul vibe. So I guess this will be our personal music collaboration project. I’ll figure out my class assignment later. πŸ˜›

Shuttle Bus Friend “Kurt”: Just found out yesterday that my buddy Kurt who I saw and talked to everyday….broke his collar bone and will be out for 6 weeks. 😦 NO!!!! Poor Kurt! I asked for the number to the head office to see if I could get in touch with him somehow, but I accidentally missed a digit, so now I have to wait til Monday and ask for it again.. Grrr.. Poor Kurt.

Allergies: AGAIN!!!! GRRRRRRR.

Friday Night: Sigh….I’m bored. Nothing to do. Nowhere to go! No one to talk to. Ac went out with friends to see a band. Tegan is with her boyfriend watching “Tommy”. I’m in the livingroom, sniffling and wiping my nose, with my lappy on muh lap, while listening to the constant creaking from the fan as it spins.. Mehhhhh.. SOMEONE CALL ME PLEASE!!!!!! 😦


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