Wed, March 18th, 2009: Ahhhh you missed me didn’t you?? lol :D

Well quick run through…
1) Have not been getting enough sleep
2) Have been stressing about Uni and assignments and readings.
3) Have not been eating well.
4) Allergies and I think a cold of some sort have been problematic.
5) Laundry day always seems to be the day it rains.. lol ughh
6) Throat hurts now. (
7) hmmmm, ughh give me a minute……..

Toilet Seat Lid down???: This I guess is mailny for girls…Ever walk into a public restroom and notice the stall you were heading to has the seat lid down? “There must be a reason why it’s down, and I don’t wanna find out” So you walk to the next stall only to find out that this one has the lid down too?? lol Is it just me?? Ok well I’ll continue anyway. lol So I head to the next one.. They all have the lids down! Which door??!!! Oh nooo… Ughh, They probably have just been cleaned and thats why they are all down, don’t worry Kimi. Go ahead. lol. So Then after I pick one and close the door behind me, I lift the lid to find a wet seat.. DAMNIT!!! I knew it!!! But now since I’ve already lifted the lid, put my bag down and locked the door behind me.. I am now resorted to be the instant cleaning woman.. WTF?!?! WHY?!?! Ughhhh…

Combined Seminar Week 5: Hahh, sooo.. err.. I foolishly selected week 5 to perform for class not realizing, hehe, yea.. err.. thats the COMBINED SEMINAR, OUTSIDE, IN THE AMPITHEATRE, IN FRONT OF ALL THE MUSIC STUDENTS. 1st, 2nd, 3rd years.. and any passersby. lol Crap!! I’m tryin to get a band together, rehearse, and be prepared to sing/play 1 week from today. Yeeehaaa! I’m briilliant. Again, sarcasm abounds.. šŸ˜¦

(If you don’t mind having to type in the weird captcha on and then waiting 45 seconds, you can download the snippett recording of me practicing the song I’m singing next week. Thanks Dion! :D)

It’s gettin late, and I’m hungry. I have alot of work to do and need to be heading home. Just wanted to update the bloggy-blog…Ahemmmm ALON!!! lol ie: “Cough BLOG Cough” Subtle, yet to the point. Thanks! lol šŸ˜‰


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