Tuesday, March 24th, 2009: Sigh…

Busy: yea yea, I Know… I’ve been away.. I’ve been stressed, overworked, worried, busy, reading, sleeping, etc..

“The Who” family outing: Tonight, the roomies and their parents went to see “The Who” concert. So cute.. they left in matching homemade t-shirts. 😀 I will post pix as soon as they get back and I have it on USB 😀

Ants: I’ve never had an ant bite me before in the states. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never found ants wanting to be where people are and actually crawl on them. Well here, ants don’t care. They will actually crawl on you, and bite…It’s an annoying feeling actually, not like a fire ant, where it burns.. But like someone sort of pinched u. I look over and go “aghh u lil fucker” and toss him off me. Very odd. Ants…why are they biting me?? Grrr.

Subway/Train: Here they have trains, which to me, are the subway.. same shit. Except for some major key changes.. lol 1) The train had a bathroom!! 😀 What????!! Yea, I know… I was freaked, and excited, until I saw the Door locked stickers all over it. 😦 Just my luck.. 2) The doors don’t open automatically, just cuz the train stopped.. Au contraire.. You have to pull on the handle/lever and THEN the door opens. Ahaaa… and if your on the other side, waiting to get ON the train, SAME THING!! I stood in front of the door trying to get in and the man on my left moved me aside and pulled the lever and got on.. lol I felt stupid… and then again….getting off of a train, i waited and waited, and then searched for a button, found nothing so I walked to the other end of the car and got out of the door that was open. Not realizing, again I was supposed to pull the handle down and open my own door, and not wait like an idiot for it to open on its own. lol It helps with the cleanliness though I’m sure. Without the unneeded opening and closing of doors, less dirt and trash go in and out.


1) Finally got my printer out and connected it to the laptop, scanner works great..but, forgot to pack the ink cartridges.. DOHH!!!

2) Got my package in the mail with my new state of the art umbrella, bottle of Louisiana sauce, top ramen noodles, bottle of mustard and a usb with much needed software..but the usb had a bunch of empty files and unreadable programs that vista would not open. GRRRRR.

Water Filter: The fridge’s water filter needs to be changed. I refuse to drink from it now after I was told I must have been drinking Aids water, since it wasn’t clear, it was yellow. He could have said pee, it would have made more sense, oh well. lol. So, since I’m unable to fill my water bottle in the morning, I sometimes don’t get to drink any water until midday. And now because of this, I’m getting really bad sore throats from dehydration. 😦 Saddds…

BITCH N WINGE: One thing about Australia is that everyone is almost stress free. As I was told today, to bitch n winge aka bitch and whine, is NOT THE AUSTRALIAN WAY. lol Old habits are starting to creep back in. Grrr.. And I was soo happpy.. 😦 I hope I get over this nonsense of mine. It’s not doing well for my facial expressions. lol I was tired today, and someone thought I was pouting. lol I swear I wasn’t, I was just hungry and tired. My facial expressions are now giving mixed signals. This CAN’T be a good thing. lol

Performance: I perform tomorrowz. Oh lordy!! lol I’ll talk about it after the event, not now. 😀


6 responses to “Tuesday, March 24th, 2009: Sigh…

  1. Good to see you got the package not sure what the empty files are cause I checked everything and installed the software myself but I have XP so dunno. Hope you at least got them to work. You’ll get over your BS soon school and shit is picking up but once you find your groove you’ll be back to the way you were :D. Good luck on the performance I know you’ll do well.


  2. There used to be a diet candy in the states called Ayds. Maybe the franchise still exists down under but they branched out and produce a diet drink? Mebbe? Who knows? Why can’t you fill your water bottle in the morning? Why can’t you fill it at night before bed? Or at school?

    Bitching N Winging aside, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy these entries! 😀


  3. con orgullo te digo que estaras bien por que se cuanto talento tienes com mucho amor y orgullo felicidades

    With pride I tell you that you’ll be fine because I know how much talent you have.
    With much love and pride,


  4. Haha, yes we do have ants that bite. Those little ones you were talking about, sometimes called ‘meat’ ants, as well as Bull Ants that are close to 3 cm long!

    The trains aren’t called the subway because they’re not underground darling. I had the same issues with the doors when I arrived from ‘sin city’ Sydney. It’s just a ‘Cinderella City’ Brisbane thing. More than once, have I been standing, waiting, in my ‘uber cool public transport impress the Brisbane ladies’ stance, when some kid/grandma rolled their eyes at me and showed me how to exit the train.

    I surmised that it’s a electricity saving thing a) you don’t have to power the doors if nobody needs to get off, and b) the air-con doesn’t need to work harder than it needs too.

    Adam has a flair for the dramatic, we prefer the term ‘poo’ water to ‘aids’ water because it more accurately describes the taste. Again, it’s a Brissy thing, Sydney water tastes more like swimming pool.

    I collected a few spent wine bottles and started boiling water used for drinking because I got sick of the taste. You know they’ve only had fluoride in the water here for less than 6 months. I can’t wait till they get colour television!


  5. Ant bites can be serious, or even fatal. Angry ants will swarm upon anything in their path and begin to bite if their mounds are disturbed. Every year, millions of people are bitten by ants in the United States alone. Knowing how to treat ant bites is important, even if the only reaction you have is mild.


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