Wednesday, March 25th, 2009: W000tz!

Glad I moved: I think it’s cool that already in 2 months, I’ve painted, had my paintings on display and now performed. 😀

Combined Seminar Performance: Yayyy, it’s over! 😀 9 performers in all. Beautiful weather. I performed 2nd to last. I had a blast. It’s all a bit of a blur as I was running on auto-pilot. lol But I’m thankful it went well, and I’m still alive. 😀

Video/Audio: As per my request/uhh theirs??? The performance was taped and recorded. I’m not sure who originated the idea, but I will say this.. Last week, I asked if the show’s audio could be recorded, and today the mics were set up to record the show…and I brought my video camera to tape and my darling friend/stage manager Dion found (searched the whole campus) a tripod and set it up to record the whole show…and now the production department is making a copy of that tape for school purposes… hmmmmm.. Oh well, I don’t care. It should have been done regardless..I’m just glad it was done so that now I have audio & visuals to show you guys of my performance…and what my school has to offer. 😀 When it’s available I will let u know.

Rehearsal photos:

Soundcheck photos: 

Atsuhiro Ito: A visual sound artist from Tokyo, Japan spoke today as a guest speaker. He was awesome. He invented an instrument called the optron, which essentially is a flourescent light tube, mic’d and connected to a series of sound effect pedals. He played it like an electric guitar. I was fascinated. 😀 Look him up! 😀 or on youtube: OPTVISION . Atsuhiro Ito 伊東篤宏 . Promotion Movie


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