Monday, March 30th, 2009: Am I awake?? Really? Ughh

It’s 6am…I will jot down as much as I can now.. and update later… DEAL WITH IT!! LOL

Tea Convert: Ok its Freezing Cold here in the am hours… soo.. yes.. I have converted… I am now a morning hot tea drinker!!! lol Yayyyz for Apple Cinnamon Tea and cookies. 😀

Freezing: Uhh yea, summer is over people.. lol Wee Am hours = COLD!!!

Bathroom Saga: So, I no longer have fun pictures and takes of new toilet flush buttons..but I do bring other fun tidbits. lol Crazies in the ladies room! 😀

1) As I was in my stall, minding my own business…I hear…”stupid toilet! (murmur, murmur)” LOL. Ok….”Hey…” lol, ok again…then… the banging begins.. lol *THUD*THUD*BANG*BANG*..this was then joined in symphony orchestration with…

2) “UGhhhhhh” “Uhhhmmmmghhh” lol A lady on the other side of the bathroom decided the room wasn’t filled with enough atmospheric noise, so she began her moaning sonata…every move, push, heave, ho.. I was with her.. lol(no physically) but audibly… I was there…I heard it all.. I could feel the pain, the anguish, the longing? and thennnnn… good old crazy #1 chimed back in..

1) “You there?” followed by a procession of almost, not quite syncopated/non rhythmical thuds and bangs. lol This sounded like she was either 1. banging her head (lol), or 2. her fist against the door.. lol

By this point I heard enough of the opera and was already washing up my hands when I looked over and saw that crazy #1 was standing in front of her stall door (on the inside). She wasn’t on the toilet!!! lol She was standing, murmuring, arguing, banging behind that door.. It almost looked like she was waiting for the bathroom to be empty… lol I didn’t wanna find out why.. lol God forbid she storms out, pants down covered in doody… I hauled ass outta there.. lol

Talented children: I feel kind of like a bum here… all my first year classmates (which are usually in the 17-21 yr age range) are versed in at least 1-2 instruments.. Tons of singer songwriters who play piano or guitar… and here I am… “I’m a singer..” “Ohh yea?? What instrument do u play?” “Uhhh, I just sing.” “Ohh, ok.. that’s cool. “ No, its not!! lol… Dangit!!

Who Family: Pictures went up last night, I’ll link to them later. 😀

Performance: Ok, it went well in the fact that I had fun, the audience had fun, and I survived. Pretty much it.. I’m not sure if I’m happy or disappointed in my performance or delivery. lol Mehh, I”m a perfectionist, and after listening to the un-mastered audio recording, I was less enthused bout posting as I was to just being happy the delivery was good. I dunno…

talk to u laters….


6 responses to “Monday, March 30th, 2009: Am I awake?? Really? Ughh

  1. damn, more bathroom buttons!!
    its good to be a perfectionist makes you all the better :D…and learn an instrument son. you can do it. learn the guitar or get a keyboard. you have the natural talent


  2. Speaking of hot tea…

    BBC NEWS | Health | Steaming hot tea cancer risk
    Mar 27, 2009 … People who drink their tea very hot have a higher risk of developing oesophageal cancer, a study suggests. – 35k – Cached – Similar pages

    [quote]People who drink their tea very hot have a higher risk of developing oesophageal cancer, a study suggests.

    The British Medical Journal report said drinking black tea at temperatures of more than 70C significantly increased the risk.

    The drink is traditionally drunk black and very sweet in the middle east, but the western tradition of adding milk cools it enough to remove the risk. [/quote]


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