Friday, April 3rd, 2009: I need a vacay…

My day isn’t so great so far:
1) I’m at uni, and my laptop battery is dead, and the charger is at home.
2) I’m thirsty and the water bottle I have has yellow tinted water in it. (not drinking it, eww)
3) I needed to download a bunch of pdf files, and can’t find my USB’s.. 😦
4) My phone prepaid balance is $0.91, and I’m charged $0.29 a text msg.. I hate this shit.. I just recharged on the 30th. WTF.

RAIN: OMG, it’s raining non-stop… Grrrzz.. Wet days these times.. just wet days…

Creative Practitioner Paper Due April 17th: I think I’m going to write a paper on John Lennon and his effects on the music industry as an interdisciplinarian artist. lolProb is findhing the reference matieral, piecing it together and then referencing properly.. grrr.

Music & Sound Technology Paper Due April 11th: I already did the performance, it went pretty well. No complaints.. I stood there and dj’d the hell out of that song.. lol But the paper.. mehhhhh, having to verbally describe what I did to the audio files on teh computer is going to suck. Can’t I say “I was just muckin around and the final product of that is what you heard.”? Grrr

Tomorrow night: I’m going out!!! W000tz! lol I have a date.. yea yea..Not going into details, but yea I’m goin out, gettin dressed up, gettin picked up in a car, not a bus!! lol And I’m excited. Finally. Something to do on a Saturday night, other than mope, or eat cookies and milk, or do readings. Which reminds me… I have ALOT OF READINGS to do.. 😦

Got my grade back for the Wiki Profile Assessment:

RESULT: Credit Plus

Communication: Distinction- [X-] Profile shows a well developed understanding of how to select and explain relevant aspects of personal experiences and attributes to construct a coherent and professional result.

Written Expression: Credit- [X] Profile is succinctly informative and written in a way that can be easily scanned.

Structure & Formatting: [X+] Written structure is arranged in an appropriate hierarchy with considered use of supporting formatting devices suitable for online delivery

Comments: This is a well-written and professional profile, Kim. I would have liked to read a verbal description of your style rather than a list of artists. Formatting is good, but at times perhaps on a little too much, detracting from readability. Overall a good effort though.

MY THOUGHTS: I complained about being dissappointed, as I would lol, about the fact that HAD I been given this comment BEFORE turning the assignment in, I would’ve cleaned up that list and described immediately. But I got a long drawn out email back saying that he can’t give comments on every single thing wrong, and that it was my responsibility to see that it may be important to describe rather than list. He offered to have the wiki looked at by the head of the unit, but I declined. lol I still got a good grade. lol


4 responses to “Friday, April 3rd, 2009: I need a vacay…

  1. lol you need a vacay? Youre in a far away beautiful country youre on a vacay everyday. Congrats on the wiki looks like youre kicking ass like I knew you would. And w00tz a date thats awesome!


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