Monday, April 6th, 2009: I can no longer drink Brisbane water..

Tap Water: It all comes out a tinted green/yellow. AKA Fish pee.. While I can drink it and not really care what it looks like, after a while my throat hurts really bad from drinking it… 😦 So I’d prefer not to, altogether. mehhh

Aussie words: Maths= Mathematics

Musicians who play instruments: I feel like an ass. I can’t play an instrument. All I bring to the table is vocals. People left in right in my music course play an instrument and sing… and here I am… OOhhh, I’m an advanved student, I have alot of experience, blahb labh lahb, I can’t play an instrument. 😦 I hate it.

  • Rant ( 03/23/09): I feel like and idiot sometimes for not knowing how to play any instruments. So many people sing and at least play 1-2 instruments. I’m guessing in their search for creative expression they ventured/discovered piano or guitar. In my case it would be studio knowledge & visual arts.

istuff: Everyone has an ipod or itouch or iphone and just connects it to the soundboard and plays audio files that way.. not a big deal to some, but for me, its big. .lol

Fashion Victims: What posesses someone to wear a red dress with purple leather flats with thick ankle straps? these are the mysteries I want to crack. What was going on in her head?? Hmm, Ugly purple flats?? yummz, that goes perfectly with my red cardigan and red lace skirt.. yes.. definately. :-\ And as soon as I finish putting away my cameraphone, another fashion monstrosity passes me by. I’m asorry to say I wasn’t able to fake the quick “Hmmm, I’m just quickly takinga picture of the birds past your shoulder, Juuuuust as you  were passing by” and not give my self away… Grrrz. So no picture. lol

Assignments Due:

KKB101 Creative Industries: People and Practices= Creative Practitioner Paper due April 17th

KMB105 Music & Sound Technology= “PC as an instrument” Performance Analysis Paper due April 11th

KMB130 Core Musicianship: Need to work on a composition

KMB105: Need to work on a reaarangement using the PC as a tool

KMB214 Voice Lessons: Need to work on reaarrangements, memorizing music, and finding musicians for my recital recording and performance.

US taxes: Last day to file April 14th


2 responses to “Monday, April 6th, 2009: I can no longer drink Brisbane water..

  1. Right, you must take time for you… play an instrument to relax for example, or try to adjust the water in salt 😉
    hugs for you 🙂


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