Sunday, April 12th, 2009: Happy Easter!!!

Quick update at 5am…lol

1) I was stood up mehh, about 2.5 times by the new date guy: John.
2) When he finally did show up, he stayed for a long time and made up for for his recent bad behavior.
3) He’s awesome. A gentleman and an enjoyable person to be with. Yayy! Finally a normal aussie… wait, but born in Ireland, and not in Oz….coincidence??? lol Maybe.. maybe not..
4) I’ve been cleaning my room lately 🙂
5) Reason why I’ve been cleaning my room alot more often: Bought an “AREA RUG”!! Ahhhhhh. 😀
6) Finished and handed in my 1st Essay yesterday afternoon. Yayyy! Now onto my Taxes and my John Lennon paper. Mehhh.
7) Supposed to go out for Easter dinner tonight with John….mehh, lol, let’s see if that happens as planned.. lol
8) Been feelin a bit sick lately. Think it’s my allergies runnin wild, and then also.. the weather has been getting a bit cold in the AM hours, and that mixed with the fan on…mehh.. Dries my nose and throat up alot. Not cool.

“Computer as a musical instrument” essay: Thanks dad…I fixed the diseased onset comment. lol I’m pretty confident in my paper. Hope the graded result reflects my feelings lol.

Rain: Ahh, rain… lots o’ rain.. You know how I feel about it… Mehhhh. :-\

My Birthday: I’ve decided that this year, my first birthday in Australia (June 15th) I will be throwing a large party… a large THEMED Party!!! lol Uhhohhh, I’ve converted on the themed party scene now too.. lol Next thing u know, I’m gonna start saying Zed, and maths, and “Fair enough!” oh wait… I already say 2 of those.. lol (Can’t getinto maths). A “Flapper” Party. A 1920’s flapper party. Yayyy. It’s an excuse to get an awesome dress. 😛

YAYY, I look young!: So I’ve been successful in convincing people I’m 19 years old. W000tz!! I’m not runnin around lying to people, but people have assumed and when they find out, they’re shocked. “You don’t look 26.” I’m not, I’m 27!” “Wow! I really thought you were 19!” LOL I must get it from my mama! 😛

MOM: Speaking of Mom.. She’s coming to OZ to visit in June. YAYYYY!!!!

John: I’m my cell phone, at a quick glance, his name looks like “John Lennon” Which makes me happy inside. Even tho it’s actually “John Lennox” lol. I don’t care. lol A girl can dream.. lol

WordPress PWN: It’s now no longer letting me highlight text.. uhmm WHY??? I can’t put any text into bold face anymore. lol Weird. Mehh. Alos, I tried creating a poll about my Flapper party.. Pwned on that one too.. I’m on a roll.


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