Tuesday, April 14th, 2009: I’m gonna have a partayyyyyy!

Kimi’s RipRoaring 1920’s Birthday Bash
Start planning your costume now… you have less than 2 months left. W000tZ!!
Host: Kimi
Type: Party – Birthday Party
Start Time: Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time: Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 2:00am
Location: QUT Kelvin Grove Guild Bar
Street: Victoria Park Road
City/Town: Kelvin Grove, Australia

Kimi is turning 20-something!! (Yikes)

Come celebrate with me!!!
It’s my first birthday in Australia and I wanna make it a good one..


This is a notice to all who are in the nearby Brisbane area…

I am throwing a big Roaring 1920’s Birthday party!
And when I mean Roaring 1920’s, I mean 1) in the spirit of prohibition: BYO! lol and 2) you come dressed up as a 1920’s civilian.
I’m talking Mobsters, Flappers, Bonnie&Clyde, Prohibition, The Great Gatsby, and Jazz…

Here are some ideas…
– Black & White
– Speakeasy Bar
– Gangsters / Al Capone / Bugsy Siegel
– Flappers
– Chicago/Cabaret ( The Musicals)
– Silent Movies
– Jazz / The Charleston / The Black Bottom / The Lindy Hop
– Al Jolson / Duke Ellington / Irving Berlin / Fanny Brice
– Prohibition “Bathtub Gin”
– The Great Gatsby
– Cotton Club / Ragtime Band
– Art Deco / Aviation
– Fedoras / English Driving Caps / Zoot Suits / Wing Tip Shoes
– Model T Fords / Tabloid Newspapers
– Mah Jongg / Oriental Lanterns / Victrolas
– Long Pearl Necklaces / Headbands / Feathers / Cloche Hats

Random pictures that I havn’t gotten around to posting, until now.



7 responses to “Tuesday, April 14th, 2009: I’m gonna have a partayyyyyy!

  1. I started thinking about it and wondered if you REALLY want to write about John Lennon’s influence on multi-disciplinary artists. Did he have ANY such influence? I can’t think of anyone he influenced. The Beatles influenced many. But Lennon, solo? Are you sure, Kimi?


  2. Actually, it was going to be on how Lennon as an interdisciplinary artist influenced his surroundings (era), but I’m changing it to fit the assignment lol… How his surroundings/environment (era) influenced him as a creative practitioner. and I havn’t started, and need to hand it in tomorrow.. đŸ˜¦


  3. awwww…u know if i wasn’t going to england i’d go right?? damm u old! lol…
    just messing cuz i’m right behind ya….
    but i do hope its loads of fun…take pics k…


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