Tuesday, April 21st, 2009: Mehhhhhhh!!!!!

Just realized, I have a crapload of work to do by June. 😦

1) KMB130 Aural Test: April 28
2) KMB105 “Computer as a Tool” Essay & Composition: May 8
3) KMB214 Progress Plan & Recording: May 15
4) KMB130 Aural Test: May 26
KMB130 Listening Test & Group Performance & Composition & Analysis Essay: June 1
6) KKB101 Scholarly Essay: June 5
7) KMB105 “Computer as a Medium” Essay & Podcast: June 6

John “Potential Boyfriend?”: He’s a great guy and I truly enjoy spending time with him. Which is good, being that I’ve lately been stressed and overloaded with assignments. 😦 He owns his own business, “The Upholstery Doctor” here in Brisbane, and is always busy (which I hate, but respect, mehh, been there before with Glenn).

This isn’t my dating blog, so there isn’t much else to say on this subject, but I felt I needed to at least mention him as being an important part of my current life here in OZ, as I do care about him alot.

Sorry to the people back in the states that this may bother. I can only stay single and alone for only so long. Aside from that, my clock is starting to tick and I’m not getting any younger. Any time spent with someone special, is valuable to me. Ok enough of that.. 😛

Weather: It’s getting cold here.. 😦 Bought some thick house socks, and a scarf. 😦

MMMM: The air still smells of Jasmine.. Yayyyz!! It went away for a while, but has returned, and I absolutely adore it!

1920’s Party: I’m moving the party to the Uni Student Guild Bar on campus. And being that I can’t afford to hire the location for a saturday night ($300), I will be having it on a friday night instead. Problem is, my guests will have to pay for their drinks, and cannot BYO (Bring your own). 😦 Also, students will be carded. 😦 an unfortunate blow for my 17 year old classmates. 😦 I’m gonna ask Brad (The manager) if I can have a wristband system for 18+ to avoid any issues/liabilities for them.


1) You’ll be right! ( You’ll be ok)

2) Fair enough! (Hmm, okay/Makes sense)

3) Oy!/Oi! (Hey!)

4) No worries / No wukkas/rukkas (No problem)

5) Suss (Suspect/Suspicious)

6) Maths (Mathematics)

7) Uni [yooni] (University/College)

8)Tertiary (College)

9) Good as! (Awesome/Cool)

10) How ya goin? (How are you doing?)

11) Dodgy (Sketchy)

12) Rubber (Eraser)

13) Powerpoint (Electric Outlet)

14) Zed (“Z”)

15) Diary (Planner/Date Book)

16) Muesli (Granola)

17) Thongs (FlipFlops)

18) Jumper (Hoodie)

19) Muso (Musician)

20) a drink (Soda/beer/etc) {They don’t say soda, weird I know}


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