Thursday, April 23rd, 2009: Apparently I entertain.. :D

Blog Fame: lol Ok maybe not Blog FAME, but definately Blog recognition. πŸ˜€ I’m slowly beginning to realize the affect/effect my blog is having on the people around me. It has sort of become a kind of culture that we all are a part of. Weird. I will hear bits and pieces of what I write about in everyday situations, or brought up in conversation. I’m an idiot for not noticing it earlier.
Example: Week 4 I believe, a group in class presented a musical piece in which they quoted “Half flush or full flush”, I was elated, but kind of brushed it off as being a conincidence.
Example 2: There would be times, people would ask me about somthing in my personal life that I never told them about previously, and lol it would fly RIIGHT OVER MY HEAD as to how they knew about it.

I think it’s kinda cool that people check to see if I wrote about them or not.

Example: Natalie and Shauna who mentioned that they read my mom is coming in June and how excited I must be, and to feel free toΒ write NICE things about them. (Nothing but nice here!) Β Or, Sam”Gorgon” who loves to see her shenanigans reported on my blog. (No shenanigan’s as of late) Or John, who likes to read the nice things I say about him, and not the fouled up stand-ups which he likes to skp over. lol
Walking home last night I started contemplating it. I purposely put my life out there. I was/am apparently ok with this. Hmm..Thing is, I’ve always thought I’d be ok with just putting my Musical life out there, and this is not musical. I keep thinkin that one day someone will stop me in the street and ask “Hey, hows that assignment coming along?” LOL “Who the EFF are you?” lol Question is: Is this good or bad? Do people need to know that I’m a borderline neurotic sociopath?? Ok jk, but haha maybe not?! lol

Weather: Uhm, ok it’s effin cold now! 😦 No shorts or flipflops anymore.. Almost no more fan and A/C either. Kind of feels like a milder NYC in terms of weather. Of course, without the below 0 degree weather and snow.

PUPPIES: My aunt Bertha’s German Shepard had 2 puppies yesterday! πŸ˜€ One fat black one and one small runt orange/blonde. The third was born dead. (Tania pushed for 2 hours on that one, 😦 ) the fat black one is named after my mother and I’s Large dog, “KAMUZO” and the lil one is named after their mama, “Lil Tania”. Mom’s camera battery died the day before the births, GRRR. But I 2-3 day’d a new one, so hopefully I get puppy pix soon. YAYYZ!

Geese will be Geese: So I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this…Guess cuz it has nothing to do with OZ, but oh well, it’s funny. My mom is currently living on my property in Sebring, FL with 4 dogs (and 2 new pups), a gang of chickens, and 2 Goslings (they’re huge now). My mom is the goslings MUM, LOL. They follow her everywhere… hilarious. So here’s the thing.. as of the past month, they started venturing on their own, and would stay outside for the night instead of goin in when she’d call them. So she thought, ahh, they’re growing up, ok” and would leave them out there… few nights ago, they flipped out and quacked all night and ran around the lagoon looking for her and attacking the dogs when the dogs came near to see what was wrong, and once someone opened the door to let them in , they ran all the way into the house looking for her and quacking and making a fuss, upset that they were without her for so long. LOL

I blame her parenting skills. I do. lol
They’re too scared to actually even go INTO THE LAGOON. I told her, it was her duty to walkinto the lagoon and force them to follow her, she said “Ewww no, I’m not getting in that water!”. So, teaching the bubz to have more independence is jsut something she’s not going to do. Hmmm sounds fmailiar!! lol

MOM READS MY BLOG! πŸ˜€ : I’m not sure why I thought she wouldn’t. But Im glad she does. HI MOM! πŸ˜€ It’s interesting that it doesn’t dawn on me sometimes.
EXAMPLE: “So you’re having your party at the university now instead?” (When did I tell her this? how does she know?) “Yea, I’m reading here….ahh, How’s John? What did you do the other night?” LOL Awesome. It’s like facebook, but not.. it’s about MEE. πŸ˜€

Native Australian Birds: I defy someone to not break into laughter or feel daunted or annoyed at the sounds these birds make if you had to hear em on a daily basis. I mock them outright!.. “Mahhhh, mahh, mahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” “Bok, bok, bokaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Sounds like duck taunts, or babies whining sometimes.. I wonder if it’s those damned magpies who do it.. please, DAD feel free to look these up and I’ll post the audio link. lol Hilarious! No common Chirp Chirp’s for Brisbane. lol

Also, theyre chatter begins like clockwork every morning at 5:30am, GRRRRR I kinda miss those guys. (My last job in the states before moving to OZ, late Jan 2009). Although, I don’t miss getting harassed, I do miss them as a whole. I was there for 2 years. 😦 Well, if you want cheap, quality electronics. I reccommend!!! I got alot of my stuff there.. W000tz!!


9 responses to “Thursday, April 23rd, 2009: Apparently I entertain.. :D

  1. only blog i even bother to read. but funny im never mentioned im just my ‘friend in the states’ lolz πŸ˜›


  2. Well IAN, I didn’t want to embarrass you when TheNerds would read it.. but FINE.. IAN.. lol and btw, lots of people in the states have been KIMMED… not just you.. lol so when I say people, I mean people. lol and yes it IS selfish isn’t it? lol


  3. lol fuck it like I care if TheNerds knows im helping you I tell Robo everything anyway in my weekly Kim updates. And yes Kim I am very aware I’m not the only one KIMMED in the states and I didnt insinuate you only meant me hence why I said it was a selfish move πŸ˜‰


  4. OMG!!!!!!
    1) Australian RAVEN (Annoying)

    2) Australian Magpie (not as bothersome)

    3)Rainbow Lorikeet (pretty to see, but a cluster of them in one area…OMG)

    Not on that list that I see alot are:
    1) Australian White Ibis (cool to watch, they walk away from me as they randomly stick their bills in the dirt)


    3)Brown Thornbill (lots of lil brown guys like this around)

    4)Australian Brush Turkey (I always say “Hey there TURKEY!” and they ignore me and keep kickin up dirt)


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