Sunday, April 26th, 2009: ENTRY REMOVED!

Entry removed!

Church: After hearing the news this morning, I put my selfish thoughts aside and decided it was high time I finally visited the Catholic Church up the road from me and say some prayers. Mass started at 10am and it was now 11:45 when I left the house. (Better late than never). I get there and I walked in during the middle of a baptism. πŸ™‚ I’m sure they didn’t mind me sitting in. πŸ˜€

Grocery Shopping: I learned my lesson this weekend being sick with no food in the house. NOT GOOD! I stocked up on chicken. 4 kilos! got OJ, water, disinfectant spray and cleaner, and a bunch of frozen goods and fruit. Had to push the grocery cart al the way home. Never thought I’d be one of those people who toojk the carts away from the grocery limits. Oh well.. I had 4 heavy canvas bags and a large water jug. There was NO WAY i was walking wtih that home.

Musical Theatre Teacher: My Jazz voice instructor offered me $60 to attend her class and critique 6 of her students next friday at 330pm. W0000TZ!! Said it would be nice to have someone other than herself give them an idea on their craft. I was honored, and am excited. $60!! Yayyy, money!! Ohh, and the kids, of course the kids!! πŸ˜›

Next Weekend: I’m thinkin, I might go back to the museum and art gallery. I havn’t been there since I moved here, and when I did go, I didn’t have a charged camera… πŸ˜› Yea, I think I should go.

TODAY: Today is Sam’s friends birthday party and I was invited, but after all that shopping, I don’t think I should go. There will be lots of free food, and Sam and her friend Nathan “Corpse” will be there, but, I need to get better, and I have food now. So I think I will stay home.


4 responses to “Sunday, April 26th, 2009: ENTRY REMOVED!

  1. wowsers I dont know John obviously but he is someone close to you so I am sad to hear about such things. my thoughts and prayers also go out to them and hope for a speedy recovery


  2. Nothing to talk’s not a common practice that this happened.. I’m sure certain people put themselves into this situation, something about revenge, a fight, etc.. dunno.. no need to worry. I don’t run in those circles Dad.


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