Monday, April 27th, 2009: Woops!

Investigation: With respect to the happenings of this weekend, and the current investigation, I will be removing my entry on it from yesterday. And will no longer discuss it. Other than things will work out, and it’s unfortunate that someone got them into this mess, a mess they didn’t deserve.

Late: I just realized why I’ve been late for my Monday morning 8am lecture, and/or skipping it…I set my alarm for 730am, and it starts at 8..uhmm yea.. not smart..

Cigarettes: Cigarette boxes here, like in most foreign countries, have health warnings and advertisements regarding the dangers of smoking. I saw a box from Ireland once, that said in HUGE LETTERS, that basically smoking kills..I thought that was a huge deterrent… but ehh… I think the ones here are a bit extreme. lol

They have pictures on the boxes, huge grotesque pictures on them.. and each box has a different picture.. Some people specifically ask for the box with a less offensive picture, and some people don’t care and collect them all lol.

This site shows the pictures, ewwwies, enjoy. 😦

Dead Bat: I once saw a dead bat hanging from some telephone wires. 😦 Not a pretty sight. Apparently he hung up side down and his movement or the wind moved the wire next to the one he hung on and the cross of wires electrocuted him, right there on the spot.. and they he stayed. 😦


Weekend: emphasis on the “end” (Week- END)

Queensland: Same for “land” (Queens-LAND)

Holiday (Vacation)

Garage: Emphasis on the “Gahh”, Pronounced (Gahh-Raj)

“H” is pronounced “heyyy-chh”


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