Friday, May 1st, 2009: I’m awake at 6am, mehh

Toowong: A classmate of mine has offered to help me record some vocals for an audio project I’m working on, and has asked me to come over tomorrow morning to his house in Toowong. Never been there. 😀 I’ll be glad to finally get the vocals recorded well tho. I tried doing it in my bathroom, and as Uni, and well, I’m not very good at it. lol Honesly, I just wanted about 5 minutes behind a microphone, and it seems to be the hardest feat ever. lol

Sibelius Rearrangements: I’ve been working with Sibelius, a notation softtware, alot lately for my re-arrangement assignments for school, and I find that I’m really starting to get a hang of it. I’ve been finding sheet music to all sorts of different songs, and manually plugging in the notes into the software, creating my own sheet music and then transporting the midi file into an arrangement software like (Lokic, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition) and then adding/removing notes as I see fit, and voila, I’ve created a re-arrangement. 😀 I’ve been working on “The Reason”-Hoobastank, for my KMB105 assignment, and will be working on “Everything She Wants” -George Michael for my KMB130 assignment, and…since I wasn’t able to get anyone to help me with a few of my recital pieces, I think I will attempt to do some of the sork myself there too. 😀 Only problem is, it’s time consuming, having to plug in all those pages of music manually..I could scan, but I only have the demo version of Photoscore, and thus I’m unable to.

Holy Crapola: I fell asleep last night plugging in one of the songs into Sibelius, and awoke an hour later to my roomate, Tegan, tapping me on my back to see if I was alive. Scared the living crap outta me. She said she had been knocking and I never answered, and so when she came in, cuz the music was playing somewhat loudly at 11:30pm, she said I wasn’t moving, and was worried. lol

Today: 1) Have to get dressed nice, I’m critiquing children todayz.. 😀 2) Have to text a classmate and tell her I won’t be in M block at 12pm as I had said I would, being that I miscalculated and will be in class at that time. 3)Attend “Jammin on the shoulders of Giants” (new Friday public music performance on campus, every Friday) at 1:30pm. 4) Get some music files to a couple of classmates there. 5) Head on over to the highschool, and meet my teacher for the critique session at 3:30pm. 6) Then flounder about the rest of the day with nothing to do, this is my life. lol


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