Wednesday: May 6th, 2009: LOLz

For those of you who already read my status updates on Facebook, I’m sorry, I know this is repetitous…but reading it, I’s gold and has to be blogged!

5:32pm: OMG, someone just farted in the OD Block lab.. OMG

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  • Ian Wolf

17 mins later: and then the smell mystically disappears… after someone said “OMG, something died in here, and the windows are bolted” NO SHIT, something died in ur ass!

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4 mins later: and someone farted again.. and coincidentally, someone walks out just aftrwards.. ughhh, this is gross

2 mins late: Someone save me and get me a gas mask!!!! I can’t stand the farts in here….

just now: the cuplrit in question is back, if it happens again.. I swear, someone hold me back… I might just… just.. mehhh.. hold my nose, I guess.. 😦

  • Ian Wolf
    if it happens again you yell out ” WHO FUCKING FARTED?!” then kill yourself

Happy: I’m going to be happy. 🙂


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