Sunday, May 10th, 2009: Mehh x 5 lol

Bathroom Lock: Ok, so you know when you’re on a plane and the bathroom sign says “occupied” or “unoccupied? or any unlocked/locked door sign saying “open/close” etc…
Here, I always only see the sign “vacant” being that I’m about to go in, so its open… but for the first time, I saw the locked version.. LOL…it said “Engaged”, it took everything in me not to shout “Congratulations!!! When’s the date?”….But I quietly smiled to myself and quickly walked out instead. lol

Possums: Walking last night, 2 possums came rustling down a tree right to my left.. SCARED THE CRAP OUTTA ME! Ans as I told Tom who was with me, “Literally..shit everywhere.. see” lol.. JK.. Apparently in the city, they aren’t scared of people..cuz here in Kelvin Grove, You’re lucky to see one, they’re always hiding on roofs or trees… these fuckers almost ran me over. lol I screamed so loud lol.

I found the equivalent to TANG: Can’t think of the name, but it came in packets so I bought like 6 of em. lol UPDATE: Vitafresh.. mmm, yumz.

No one’s home & Albino Gecko: So on the way home last night, I passed a house with a car in front that had it’s inside lights on.. I almost kept walking and then thought, man if that was my car, I’d be pissed that the battery died…so I went up to the door and rang the belll, waited.. nothing, rang again.. nothing.. I heard voices, lights were on throughout the house.. but ALL OF A SUDDEN, silence, hmmmmm. lol I knocked…(but unfortunately I was at a locked wooden gated porch, instead of their actual front door).. still nothing.. so I looked over at their window and as I looked past the porch light, I see a small albino gecko.. chillen under the light, absorbing heat.. lol soo cute… Did NOT have my camera.. IDIOT!!!.. I’m packing it in my bag for now on.. lol

Male Fashion: OK, so this has been bothering me since I’ve moved here, but I hesitated/forgot to write about it.. but I’ts a Saturday night, and I have nothing else to do.. lol so here we go…Ok, so not everyone dresses this way.. so for all my Australian male friends, do not take offense… if this doesn’t describe you, then I’m not talkin about you.. and if it DOES describe you, well errr.. I’m sorry, to us Americans.. it’s weird. 😦 Ok…So, yea.. there are some guys here who wear skinny jeans, i mean super skinny jeans where I wonder how they got them past their knees and ankles… on top of that, they sag them.. err WHAT??? and then they wear tiny lil soft ballet slippers with them… and some wear man purses… 😦 WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! I don’t get it, I won’t get it, I don’t want to get it.. I just wish it would stop. lol Also, this I found weird..the fad is sort of fading now, but when I got here, it was the middle of Summer.. Burning hot and people sweating left and right.. ok… uhmm.. the style was to wear large scarves around their neck!!!! I’m serious!!!. lol It would amaze me what these kids would do for fashion.. lol Wait they’re called Pashminas.. lol my mom wears pashminas.. I bought one for her, my grannie and my aunt one year for xmas.. lol. LORD. lol 


BTW: aside…When I ask if someone wears boxers or boxer briefs… they always say ohh, I wear briefs… so for a good few months I thought most men wore tightie whities.. . turns out they call boxer briefs “briefs”.. ughhhh.. lol

Hilarious Proof: 

Im a man and i wear a scarves as a fashion accessory?

honestly wtf is the big deal with a 17 year old who likes to look good, one thing i noticed other men say “men who wear scarves are homo” when in fact its actually you guys that are homo because first off why r u looking at what a guy is wearing, second why the **** do u care. when i walk in the city older men stare at me and i personally dont care if they do, and guess what buddies ive already been complimented twice by 2 ladies and its been a week since i started wearing scarves with a tshirt. i live in australia as well lol (sydney), ive only seen a few men wear scarves and rest r women, ppl here r just soooo far back in fashion and no dont say im one of those teens who wears them with skinny fit jeans when in fact i wear them with a nice T shirt…


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