Friday, May 29th 2009: EXAM WEEK!!!!!!! :(

Exam Week: Been a bit overwhelmed as of late due to all the assignments/assessments due this coming week. So I’ll be missing in action for a lil bit til it’s done. SOWWY!

Monday, June 1st:

  • 9-10am KMB130 Listening Test
  • 10:20-11:30am KMB130 Group Performance
  • 11am KMB130 Compositional Score & Analysis & Journal Due

Thursday, June 4th:

  • 8-11pm Noosphere Group Performance

Friday, June 5th:

  • 8pm KKB101 Scholarly Essay Due

Saturday, June 6th:

  • 3pm KMB130 Podcast: The Computer as a Musical Medium & Script Due

Then I’m home free…..

Friday, June 12th:

  • 8pm-2am Kimi’s Rip-Roarin 1920’s END OF SEMESTER BASH

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