Saturday, June 6th, 2009: EXHAUSTED!!

It’s 3:25am, and I’m finally in bed, just ate dinner, and done with my last 2 assignments for the semester.

Only thing left to do is 1) print the last assigment & Burn the disk (podcast) 2) deliver it to Uni 3) come home & sleep 4) do my taxes 5) get ready for next Fridays PARTAY!!!!! W0000tz!!

So yea.. Goodnight.. Sorry I’ve been missing.. but I’ve been busy, and tired.. I think I deserve the rest now. πŸ˜€

BIRDS = Bane of my existence.. lol:

Now that Uni’s done, I have time…lol Sorry Dad..

Here’s a list of the Top 40 bird songs in Australia, listen to them, identify the offenders and let us know.


#1 = OMG!!!!!!
1) Australian RAVEN (Annoying)

2) Australian Magpie (not as bothersome)

3)Rainbow Lorikeet (pretty to see, but a cluster of them in one area…OMG)

Not on that list that I see alot are:
1) Australian White Ibis (cool to watch, they walk away from me as they randomly stick their bills in the dirt)


3)Brown Thornbill (lots of lil brown guys like this around)

4)Australian Brush Turkey (I wasn’t aware the proper term was brush turkey..I’d always say “Hey there BUSH TURKEY!” and they ignore me and keep kickin up dirt)


Rip-Roarin 1920’s End of Semester Bash:

Performers confirmed


4 responses to “Saturday, June 6th, 2009: EXHAUSTED!!

  1. Neither rapidshare nor zshare work for me, Honey. Damn Mac. 😦

    Thanks for getting back to us regarding the birds. πŸ™‚


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