Wednesday, June 10th, 2009: Mayday, mayday!!

Long day…Long effin day!!!!

1920’s Party Meeting with Bar Mgr: Could’ve gone better. lol Apparently there was some major miscommunication regarding the event.He is licensed to stay open only until 12am, i publicized the event for 2am. Problem. I also had just sent out the set list for the 8 bands performing that night. I had to send an immediate text to all of them and email that they now only had 30 minutes, I had to boot my dear friend Samantha and her friend Nathan out of the lineup and relinquish their spot to another band to make sure everyone fit. INSANE. On top of that, when I sent out the email, I accidentally forgot to put a bands name on the list and woah did I get a backlash from it. lol Eitherway, it has all ben sorted now..I just hope there isnt any more backlash at the party when people find out it ends at 12 and not 2 lol

Student Guild: My meeting with the Student Guild to legitimize the group I’m creating is on Tuesday afternoon. I opted to spend my Birthday NOT WORKING thank you very much. 😛 I also have already had some very good feedback regarding ideas towards future events by a young man who is performing on Friday.. so I’m optimisitic about the gathering of souls in this new guild group. 😀 I feel I’m bringing something very valuable to this Uni/area, and am proud of it too. I hope I stay on long enough so that this new tradition can continue without me, if need be.  😀

Excerpt from my most recent rantings regarding the group to a few fellow students today:

Mission Statement: to promote local creative talent, be it musical, visual, media or any other performance art, by creating a space for socialized networking within fun and entertaining events.

EXAMPLE: I don’t want to let anyone perform by themselves (electro aside)…for instance, if your a singer, I will not allow you to perform with backing tracks.. the point is to get together, collaborate…grab a couple of music students and do something together..rthats the goal..
Collaboration and networking.. but in a fun and socialized enivronment, where its funto do. and doesnt feel like a “UNI” event.. Veuues to showcase local talent.. that’s what we need around here.   yea its fun to have parties, etc.. but I want to promote the budding talent we have as well. These are the things I want to bring to this group, that is the goal.


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