Friday, June 12th, 2009: PARTY DAY!!

Bad eyesight: Wow, I knew my eyes were getting bad, but if I think it’s 9am, and it’s really 7am, that’s a problem I think. My eyes have been getting blurry. 😦 Only with really small things, like a needle and thread, or small font on the computer screen from 4-6ft from my bed. :-\

Fringe Mania: It’s 7am, and I have to do laundry. I was up til about3am working on my Flapper dress for the party. I bought a flaper fringe dress, but it was too skimpy as it wasn’t a costume, it was just a dress froma modren store. I bought some fringe trim and fabric, and quite amibtiously added more to the top. ayyayayayayay, ok about 8 hrs later, I was done. 😦 We’ll see if it falls apart or not. Also, i ran out of black thread so i used blue, and my stitching skills aren’t that great.. so hopefully it’ll be dark tonight. πŸ˜€

Hectic Day Ahead: I have to pack my essentials bag (camera equipment, supplies, etc and head on over to the bar and meed Dion (a fellow classmate) at 2pm who has offered to pick up the foldback speakers for me from the music dept and set up the basic sound for the night, as he has to work and wont be at the party til midway. So far I have invited uhh, like 3 million people…lol Everywhere I g, hairdresser, Mac sales rep, benefit sales rep, Woolworths cashier, gelatto sales clerk… etc I’ve invited them to the party. I hope they all fit, the bar isn’t what I’d call a huge venue. lol 3 pool tables and a 13 couches and about 20 tables. lol

Tegan and Tom’s Birthday Gifts: I got Tegan a doible breasted Ivory (soft) coat. It is sooo beautiful, and she absolutely LOVED IIT, which I’m so glad. I had scoured the city Tuesday for the perfect coat. She laid in bed and walked around the house in it all day. πŸ˜€ Β And Tom, since the first heavy storm here, I have seen soaken wet, head to toe, no umbrella. I’ve asked him repeastedly to buy one, tute suite (however you spell it)…but nope. So, I bought him an automatic open and close umbrella for his birthday. lol He loved it to.. “I will cherish this as if it were my child!” lol


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