Saturday, July 4th 2009: Sydney, NSW “Happy 4th!!”

Day 1 – Brisbane to Sydney

Flight @ 6am, arrived @ 7:30am, Checked-in at 11am, walked to Barrack’s Museum, walked to Pitt Street Mall – Meyer, had lunch in the food court, walked to Circular Quay (Key), Took Ferry Roundtrip (Belmain) and took pictures of the city, walked home, in bed at 7pm. Exhausted, and feet and back sore!!! PS: It’s Freeeeeezing here!!! 😦

Tomorrow, going to The Blue Mountains and a Wildlife Park. 😀

Ok now for the upsets, LOL:

1)Was previously told this hostel offered free pancakes every morning, get here and they served cold cereal. 😦  Apparently they havn’t offered pancake breakfasts since October 2008. Mehhh.

2)Walked to nearby grocery store to buy food. Could not find anything decent. 😦 Bought 4 frozen meat pies for dinner, cookies and tea for breakfast. Get back to the hostel to have brekky, and whaddya know, they already had a BIG TUB full of tea bags. 😦 Grrrrz. So now we’re eating gross cookies with tea for brekky. Not healthy at all!

3)Were told that the nearby city centre and our bus stop for the sightseeing bus and the pickup for the following day’s tour was only a 15 minute walk.. Ahemm.. after stopping at the nearby Catholic Cathedral, and the Convict  Barrack’s Museum, getting lost several times (I’m like a man with a map, I do not ask questions) and stopping to eat, we finally arrive at the bus stop at Circular Quay (Key) at 4pm. We started our trip almost at 1pm. 😦

4)We get on the Bondi Sightseeing trip and I ask the driver if it was too late in the day to take this tour and then after it was done to hop on the Sydney bus today, and he says yes. That this was the last trip, and it would last 2hrs, and that the Sydney bus would have already stopped. And that if we wanted the 2 for 1 special for the tour buses, we would have to get an realy start…ANOTHER DAY. 😦 GRRRRRR.

5)We were told that we could hop on a local ferry at sunset and see the same sights one would see on a tour cruise for less. So we did, the next ferry was leaving to Belmain and would give us a decent view of the city, so we had 5 mins to get our tickets and hop on.. hahahahha “The tickets are $10.20 EACH??? Ahhh, nice” Grrrr.

6)We walk home in the freezing cold and wind, get to the hostel and are famished and exhausted. I immediately get to heating up the meatpies, when I see some guy just placed a log of garlic bread into the microwave ahead of me, for 15minutes!! Ughhhhhhh. I stand there, as if there was a line, and wait… I wasn’t missing my turn. He placed a cheap plastic plate in there, and after 11 minutes, sparks started flying and there was a burning smell and hissing. lol He stops the microwave and says “errr I guess it’s done” white plastic dripping from the ceiling. Nice. 😦 Idiot!


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