Tuesday, July 14th 2009: I love Kookaburras!

Magpie Vs. Kookaburra: I now know the difference between the two..and I’m in love. 😀 Kookaburras are small, plump, cute lil birds of prey. 😀 I have touched and fed 2 on separate occassions now. 😀 I still love parrots, etc… but for an australian native bird.. the Kook is my favorite. 😀

SNEACS IN: Our first official event is being held tonight. I think it’ll be a decent turn out. And I’m glad I don’t have to run it alone like I did y birthday. lol So that’s good. Mom is still here, so hopefully towards the end of the day she’ll drop by, as I don’t expect her to spend the whole day with me setting up, etc.

Weather: Not as cold as it once was, but still cold enough. Mehhhhhh!

Messy Room: If I’m going to be glad about my mom going back home for any reason at all, it will be so I can get my room clean and organized again. Other than that.. 😦 Mommmy Don’t Go!! 😦

Funds: So as my mother has pointed out, Sydney is alot cheaper as a city than Brisbane is. 😦 Unfortunately I live in bris and not in Sydz.. 😦 I havn’t really told her, so as to not make her feel responsible, but I’m almost completely run out of funds. 😦 I probably have enough money for about 3-4 months of rent, and thats it. 😦

Job: I was offered the notetakers job again this semester, along with a disibilities aid position.. so hopefully, that will pay for food..I thought that my 2 days off thurs, fri would be great so I could get a job, but now with the new Student Guild Group SNEACS (Social Networking Events & Creative Spaces)..I’m not sure sure I’m going to have extra time like I had planned. 😦

Chiro: I miss Dr. Z!!! I need Chiropractic assistance BADLY!!! My neck and back are a wreck.. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do…

Scalp Help: I also feel I need to see a dermatologist as my scalp has been really sensitive…and I think it’s a bit more serious than a simple alopecia or scalp acne problem. I think I may need antibiotics or at least some insight as to how to handle it. I’m blindly using expensive PH Balanced shampoo and conditioner, dousing my head with tea tree oil, but I feel that this is only prolonging the problem. 😦


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