Friday, July 24th 2009: Mom leaves Wednesday :(

SNEACS Welcome email:

Welcome SNEACS members…..

Hey new SNEACS members!!! 😀
I wanted to take the time to introduce myself, say hello, and send you vital SNEACS info.
So here we go…
I’m Kimberly Hall, the founder and president of the QUT Student Guild group “SNEACS” (Social Networking Events & Creative Spaces).
Short Story: Once settled into Brisbane after moving from across the world back in Jan 2009, I realized there was a niche in this city that needed to be filled. All the local talent that lived, breathed and made Brisbane the city it is today, didn’t really have a platform to showcase new ideas. Sure there were venues for the already hit bands, or posh visual art exhibits, etc… The main idea was that there weren’t enough creative spaces and Uni events with live music. So while people kept talking about it, I thought I’d just DO IT! I feel there should be free events where we can meet each other, make contacts, cross-collaborate, and more importantly learn and have FUN! Ans while we may need to fundraise to pay for marketing materials or venue costs, by asking for donations or selling food or drinks once in a while, I hope to keep all events and participation as a SNEACS member free of charge. 😀
I am so very glad you have chosen to be a part of this new and exciting venture with us. We have had 2 very successful and fun events so far and hope for much much more to come. Check your emails and/or facebook msgs for upcoming important information relating to events, artistic opportunities and future meetings where you can come and meet your fellow members and share ideas for future events.
Cross-collaborations amongst different art disciplines, and a platform to promote local talent is primarily “SNEACS” main goal. While I may have many programs and events in mind (music, education, film, photography, gaming, etc ), I cannot implement them without you! I need people like yourselves to participate and help network with other like-minded people in order to make them happen. 😉
Future Events:
-“Sound Spectrum” (monthly visual art exhibit with soundscape music)
-“SNEACS IN” & “SNEACS OUT” (Beginning and End of Semester events)
-“Celebrity Zombie Ball” (Halloween music and silent film/animation party)
-“SNEACS Ultimate Awesome-fest” (November 15th, Sunday – all day music festival)
-more tba….
On behalf of myself and the SNEACS Executive Cabinet; Joshua Watson (Vice-President), Dion Clark (Secretary) and Sarah Gent (Treasurer), I would like to thank you for participating in SNEACS and welcome you to our family!
Kimberly Hall
President & Founder
SNEACS – Social Networking Events & Creative Spaces
Facebook Group:


8 responses to “Friday, July 24th 2009: Mom leaves Wednesday :(

  1. Hello, my name is Kimberly Hall and I’m a sneak.* And I’d like you to join our group of SNEACS in being sneaky.

    *Sneak = SNEACS


  2. SNEACS (Social Networking Events & Creative Spaces) is pleased to announce that we have received an official charter to work in partnership with QUT students, executives, heads, unit coordinators and instructors to provide a platform for the performance of live music, film, photography and other events on campus throughout the school year.

    We invite you to contact us to explore how you may use SNEACS (Pronounced ‘sneaks’) events as part of your formal class/student assessment process.


  3. Dear QUT Students,

    There is a new campus organization devoted to bringing live music and performing arts to QUT throughout the year, it is called SNEACS and we invite you to join us. What you should bring along with your smiling face are your own performing talent as well as ideas for SNEACS.


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