Thursday, July 23rd, 2009: Happy and Busy days!

Mom leaves the 29th: Boooooo!!! 😦

Identity Theft: My blog has now saved/helped 4 people from fraud. 😀 Yayyyy!

SNEACS: I am the official Founder and President of SNEACS – Social Networking Events & Creative Spaces in Brisbane, Qld Australia. 😀 with as of today 98 members, and 2 events under it’s belt. 😀

Future Events: have 3 SOUND SPECTRUM (visual art exhibits & music) events, a Halloween Celebrity Zombie Ball event, and a Music Festival planned. Future plans yet to be

  • media & film night (short films projected, and bands performing)
  • short stories and/or poems interpreted by dance or theatre students
  • an education program to integrate SNEACS events and group work into local highschools where QUT students by being involved in the program can gain experience and credit for Uni.
  • An artist sampler CD or website for film students to have access to for their film soundtracks.

I am toooo excited for all the possiblities that are to come, but there is only 1 me, and I only have 1 brain and 2 hands and 2 feet. There is only so much I can do, in such little time. It stresses me a bit. 😦 I want to work on flyers, marketing, promotion, talking to faculty members, spreading the word, starting new projects, event planning, fundraising, etc.. and I find, I have to pick and choose which one is important at themoment and do that only. But, they are alll important. 😦 Very difficult.


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