Sunday, August 2nd 2009: I am a rock!! Duhhh.

Sunday Happenings: Beau and his friend Kynan are picking me up today.. Wooohooo!! I’m being SOCIAL!! 😉

Beau: Beau is up from Canberra for a week. I can’t wait. 😀 He’s my besty… hehhe It’ll be good since my mother just left.. help keep spirits up and all.. 🙂

Aussie Slang: Notice how I speak?? It’s changing…. OH NOOOOOO…. 😛 I don’t mind it.. Nor do I care.. I’l say besty, brekky, you’ll be right, no worries, and whatever else comes flying out my mouth. 🙂

Pictures and Video: My gooodnesssss, I have tons of pictures from my mom’s trip down here.. about 300 mininum per tourist trip. lol I will be a doll and post the links to the facebook albums here. (possibly more later, havn’t uploaded them all

Identity Theft Blog: I’ve been getting great response regarding the page I created. Lots of people have found it while researching those dangdit identity theft criminals. I’m glad I could be of help. 😀

SNEACS has become a monster: It’s taken on a life of it’s own.. my goodness. lol Don’t know what else to say but that I have a website team in the process of coming up with the basic format for the page. About 130 Facebook members of the group. Staff and Faculty Departments who are on board.. it’s insane and wonderful. 😀

My friend Veronica Reynoso is getting married today (Northern California): CONGRATS MAMA!! Sorry I couldn’t be there. Muahh.

28 yrs and 2 more to go: 😦 I can’t believe in 2 yrs I’ll be hitting 30. WHATTTTT?!?!?! 😦 Grrrzz. Well if anything, I can say I sure as hell don’t look it 😛 Heeeheee. 😦 Damn I’m old. All my classmates are a little over half my age. lol

Updates: Sorry I don’t update as often as I used to. But hey, that’s a good thing. It means I”m busy. 😀


One response to “Sunday, August 2nd 2009: I am a rock!! Duhhh.

  1. I’m glad you are socializing and are busy with exciting things and people. The pics are gorgeous. You and your Mom look great.


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