Thursday, August 27th 2009: I’m trying to keep myself calm…..trying…..mehh.

Did I say trying???: My life has been a huge pile of exhausted-but-still-going-and-I-don’t-know-why-or-how-I’m doing it.

For instance…today:

Left the house at 9:20ish.

Picked up a marantz kit, 2mic stands, and 2 leads from Z block.

Waited for the shuttle.

Took the shuttle to the top of the hill and trekked it over to the International Student Services office for a 10am meeting. Had the meeting, realized in order to stay as a permanent resident after I graduate, I’d need another year of uni for an education certificate; or apply for an 18 month worker visa and get a job in my related field (music) for 1 year. and then I’d have enough points to apply for residency. AGHHHH!!!.. The options are insane. 1) find a supervisor who would be willing and able to sponsor me as a PHD research student in a creative industries subject (relating to SNEACS). Then see if I’d be eligible for a scholarship or waived uni fees. 2) find someone in this related field (music and SNEACS) and see if they’d be willing to either sponsor my stay in AU, or if they’d employ me consecutively for one year, while under an 18 month worker visa, where I’d be eligible for permanent residency once m points have been met. UGHHHHHH!!

Walked over to the Uni bar where the SNEACS fundraising meeting was held 11-12pm.

Then I walked over to OD block, lugging the audio equipment, where I set up in 2 practice rooms. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY. WHILE STUDENTS WERE IN AND OUT AND PLAYING PIANO AND CLARINET AND SINGING AND GUITAR… 😦 I left, and finally done recording at 3ish.

I trekked over to K block where I figured the shuttle would be driving by in about 10 minutes. I quickly transferred the audio files from the marantz over to my laptop and then while I was putting it away, the shuttle arrived. I hopped on with luggage in tow, asked politely 😀 if Bre would drive me to Z block and wait for me while I handed this stuff in, she agreed if I hurried.

I run into Z block, check the equipment back in, run back out to the shuttle, breathe for a few minutes and then get off at the 2nd stop at the top of the hill and walk over to the library for my 4pm meeting. 😦

I meet with a fellow student for our 4pm meeting, we head over to the refectory/cafeteria and sit for a drink, then at 4:48pm we head on over to her next class. I walk her there and am done by 5pm.

Now it’s 5:38pm and I’m sitting inside K block at an iMac, exhausted, hungry, dehydrated, and procrastinating on the many things I still have to do online and via computer before the day is out. AGHHHHHHHHH. 😦

This is just today… I have no time nor patience to explain my other busy days. 😦 Tomorrow, I can’t remember what I have to do….but I do know I have to 1) clean my room 2) remove the extra mattress from my room from my moms stay and return it to the sun room 3) Type a team agreement for my KKB102 class. 4) wash clothes 5) Breathe 6) Eat 7) errr.. can’t remember… Saturday starts at 9am. a 10am pickup for an 11am meeting with some fellow classmates with a production company regarding collaborating with SNEACS. UGHHHHH

So this website seemed really cool in theory. but once visited… mehhhh… lol

I complained about wanting good pens; needing money for new pens. And my Uncle John answered my plea and sent me as many office max pens as he could stuff in an envelope. 😀 (about 50 I think)


I’m going to refill my water bottle, use the restroom ;), and get to work… sorry peeps.. I gots ta goooo….

-Kimi… 😀 5:49pm


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