Monday, September 7th, 2009: Not well…

So a lot to say. so… here we go…

Wednesday, last week: I missed a deadline for an assignment after hustling all evening to get it in. The next day, I cancelled my morning meeting and thereafter the following 2 meetings were cancelled by coincidence. Since then, I’ve been not sleeping, resulting in being tired all the time, resulting in not stocking up on food and not eating well. This morning, I could not get out of bed, kept going back to sleep. So I decided I’d miss my 8am lecture. Okay, and my 9am tutorial, err okay and my 1pm lecture. 😦 I went to the doctor at 3:30pm and explained what was going on and my symptoms and next thing I knew, I began to cry. Apparently, aside from the slight sore ear and throat, I’m also suffering from exhaustion and depression. I had no idea. She requested I take a week off from Uni, but that only made me cry even more. lol I insisted that I’m already behind and that I couldn’t miss a whole week. So she wrote me a note explaining that I was “unwell” and have been since last week, and possibly will be for the next week or so and to excuse me if I miss some classes in that period of time. She also offered to refer me to a life coach/counselor to help me during this rough patch in life. She asked me if I have any moments of “Joy in Life” currently. Explaining it as :If you were to go out and walk the dog, would his tail wagging and the sun and green grass make you feel happy to be alive? Ehhh no. Or, if you were to go out and walk the dog, it would be a chore, and life would feel flat? Ehhhh yes, exactly! So there you have it. 😦

Father’s Day: Happy Father’s Day dad! Sorry I didn’t call, as you’ve just read, I haven’t been feeling well, nor have I had any strength or time.


One response to “Monday, September 7th, 2009: Not well…

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve been ill, sweetie. I understand. And Father’s Day in America was in June so nothing to worry about at all! Relax and get better. Love you.


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