Wednesday, January 27th, 2010: I’m sick..

Australia Day: Yesterday was Australia Day, it’s the Ozzy version of 4th of July. Big deal round here. I stayed home and went to bed super early as I was feeling ill. A cold, I believe. (sniffle)

Identity Theft Blog: I’m so happy it’s doing well. 😀 😀 😀 I just got this comment today..


You have no idea how much praise I have for this blog. Kim you are a godsend. I got several different responses from the same person and it was only once i copied the text of the email into google your blog revealved them to be a hoax. Whoever this person is should fuck off and die. The common theme appears to be usually one of the following.

1. An international traveller who cannot reveal a contact number thus relying completely on emails. SCAM.

2. There is a phone number, but its an international number with more digits than my credit card discouraging anyone from ringing it because of the charges. If you ever do ring it usually its just a grainy answering machine that allows for any misunderstandings ie. “Hello?…..(grainy sounds)….. You ring about room?…….(grainy sounds)…… Hello?”. By then the conversation is so frustrating you’ve hung up and just gone with the emails instead. SCAM

3. They will claim to be religious and the transaction will be intrusted with faith in you as the consumer. Give me a break. Christians might give you the shirt off their back but noone is going to let you rent an apartment for $100 bucks a week with little to no bond unless they’ve just had a labotamy. SCAM 4. Look carefully at the photos. the windows dont match the outside. The qualities of the pictures differ. SCAM 5.Anyone you is offering you a good deal who you dont know personally. SCAM!!!!

Love you so much Kim. xoxox

PS. Why when they try to sound Aussie do they insist on misspelling? Sure we have a shortened colloquial dialect but we’re not idiots.

Geckos and Cicadas: I’m surrounded by them. Well it sounds like it… I’m not complaining.. It’s more of an entertaining thing for me I think. Geckos make a funny sound, and Cicadas at first I thought were rattlesnakes surrounding my house. lol I saw a cicada up close one day and didn’t bother going back into the house for my phone or camera to capture it. Wish I had known then that it’s rare to actually see one. lol Oh well. It’s embedded in my brain. You can google em.


Funny Vid:


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