Thursday, February 4th, 2010: Kookaburra!!

I saw a kookaburra today in the backyard while getting my clothes from the clothesline. I was soo excited I ran back upstairs to get my video camera, on the way down the stairs i realized the camera had a dead battery. 😦 I ran back upstairs and got my digital camera and set it to video and began to tape, with a piece of ham in my hand (Kookaburras are carnivorous)

I’ve been hearing them in the morning.. they sound like monkeys in the jungle. Oooh ahhhh ahh ahhhahhaaaaaa. lol

Anyway, so I continue to film him and approach with the ham. I scared him off. 😦 There also were a slew of little birds trying to get rid of him as well, I guess they were protecting their nests or something. Oh well.. that’s my story.

Kookaburra & The Piece of Ham (video)


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