Tuesday, April 6th 2010: Another paper. Grr.

This is what I have to work on this week. Grrrr, Help!!

I’m doing it on Theatre Acting.

ASSESSMENT ITEM 2: Written Assignment

Type: Written Assignment (Individual)

Weight: 30%

Length: 1500 words

Relates to learning outcomes: 3, 4, 6

Due date: Monday April 12

Description: Select one Creative Industries discipline from the

provided list. Conduct your own research into this discipline.

Formulate your research into an overview of the discipline by

responding to the headings listed below. Use these headings as

the format for your written assignment.

Written Overview Headings:

1. Introduction

2. Areas of investigation and products

3. Assumptions of Practice

4. Key Concepts & Theories

5. Methods (incl. skills and attributes)

Assessment Criteria: Written Assignment


1. Demonstrated ability to research, summarise and draw

together information from a variety of sources

2. The information presented creates a clear overview of a

selected discipline.

Written Skills

3. Demonstrated ability to express information in a succinct

and clear way so it is able to be understood by others.

4. Demonstrated written communications skills (clear and

correct use of English i.e. expression, grammar, precise

vocabulary, spelling and punctuation), and appropriate



One response to “Tuesday, April 6th 2010: Another paper. Grr.

  1. What makes a person choose to become a theater actor? The chances of employmen are small and the wages are slim, yet each year thousands of young hopefuls graduate from the colleges of the world and gravitate to the stage. This report is an overview of yadda yadda yadda.


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