Saturday, September 11th, 2010: Where were you on 9/11/01??

September 11th, 2001: I was in San Mateo that morning. My flight for NYC was for 8pm that evening. Needless to say, my flight was cancelled. I flew back to NYC exactly 7 days later. Very uncomfortable flight. JetBlue with TV, all screens tuned into the news. The pilot flew past the area for our first look. Smoke filled the sky. The woman next to me was crying hysterically. Very emotional flight.

Recent Thoughts: On another note, I’ve been thinking…I sign onto AIM almost every day, just to see if someone messaged me or will message me. I’ve noticed I have some people on my list for no reason, as they never message me. I think I should move on and delete them. 😦 Yea. It’s probably time. They know how to contact me if they need to. Bye.


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